ADream Academy Online Primary One Chinese Preparatory Class (小一预备班课程大纲)

ADream Academy Online Primary One Chinese Preparatory Programme enables your child to have fun while preparing for the Chinese language syllabus in primary school!


The key period to learn a language well is during childhood! In Singapore, the transition from kindergarten to Primary One is an issue that many parents are concerned about. In order to cultivate our children's reading interest and self-confidence in preparation for primary school transition, we are now launching the Chinese Preparatory Class for Primary One.

12 bite-sized virtual classes of interactive learning games and multimedia activities are designed for your child to fall in love with learning the Chinese language while building a strong language proficiency foundation.

Under the guidance of our nurturing and qualified teachers through the course of this comprehensive programme, our littles one will have an enjoyable time this holiday season concurrently as they master the fundamentals to enter and excel in primary school confidently!

  • Expressive reading
  • Vocabulary expansion 
  • Creative sentence formation
  • Comprehension of chinese text and stories
  • Problem-solving and question response

 Key highlights:

  •  Bite-sized learning classes - 3 classes per week of 45 mins duration per class
  •  Morning and afternoon schedules available
  •  Live classes with our nurturing and qualified Chinese teachers
  •  Featuring different fun and relatable themes each session that are based on our children’s real-life experiences (e.g. exploring our home, enjoying food, going to the zoo, going to the market / shopping, starting primary school)
  •  Engaging storytelling, animation and gamified learning activities
  •  Complimentary after-class practice exercises

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Images Credit: ADream Academy


1 November - 31 December, See the website for the opening hours.




for 12 lessons : 298 SGD

Telephone number

WhatsApp your enquiry to +65 9722 8081