Top Yoga Studios and Classes in Singapore

Published 15 January 2024 at 21:54

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Top Yoga Studios and Classes in Singapore

Step into the welcoming sanctuary of the top yoga studios in Singapore, where every breath aligns with positivity and every pose is a step toward your well-being journey, surrounded by a community that uplifts and supports. Our guide will help you to discover not just a studio but a lively hub of encouragement and empowerment, where each class is an opportunity to nurture your mind, body, and spirit while celebrating your unique yoga journey. Experience the pinnacle of wellness and let top-tier instructors guide you through transformative sessions in a nurturing environment, encouraging you to embrace your full potential and find balance in every breath!

LAVA Hot Yoga Studio

LAVA Hot Yoga Studio

Image Credit: LAVA Hot Yoga Studio

With an extensive presence of more than 500 studios in Japan, LAVA made its debut in Singapore back in 2014 at Katong i12. Distinguishing itself as the sole women-only hot yoga studio, their commitment revolves around delivering unparalleled privacy and comfort to the members. The core of the programs is meticulously crafted for the well-being and beauty of women, driven by the mission to facilitate a journey towards happiness, health and the realisation of holistic goals.

The key to LAVA's widespread appeal lies within its studio environment! Beyond enhancing the benefits of hot yoga, they have meticulously designed a studio that fosters a sense of ease and comfort for customers of all ages. The ambiance within their studio stands out with its distinctive Hinoki Cypress flooring system, a unique import from Japan. This innovative three-layered setup seamlessly integrates heat panels and hot stones, working to warm your body from within and foster skin clarity through the detoxification of pores.

The studio is bathed in Chakra lighting, dynamically changing colours in sync with your asanas and their associated healing techniques. Complementing the experience, specially composed music by LAVA Yoga Japan enhances concentration and overall efficacy.

In a nurturing setting that significantly enhances flexibility, you'll engage in a thorough sweat-inducing practice that promotes mental and physical clarity. The allure of hot yoga lies in its multifaceted benefits, encompassing aspects such as weight management, enhanced overall well-being and stress alleviation. Beyond weight control, anticipate advantages such as pelvic alignment, radiant skin, reduction of swelling, heightened tolerance to cold and anti-aging benefits! According to survey findings, an impressive 98% of LAVA members attest to experiencing tangible results.

In their dedication to fostering regular practice and inclusivity, LAVA Yoga Singapore offers an extensive schedule of 42 classes per week, including weekends and public holidays. The studio extends a warm invitation to every woman, whether she is curious about hot yoga or seeking to deepen her practice!

LAVA Yoga - Bringing happiness to as many people as possible through yoga

Location: Great World 1 Kim Seng Promenade #02-102/103 Singapore 237994


  • +65 6636 1562 
  • +65 8823 9002 (WhatsApp)

Opening Hours:

  • Weekdays: 8am - 9pm;
  • Weekends: 8am - 4pm.

Socials: FacebookInstagramTikTokYoutube.

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Rhythmix Yoga Classes

Rhythmix Yoga Classes

Image Credit: D'Gymnastique Academy

RHYTHMIX is a brainchild of Cecilia Cia, founder of D’Gymnastique Academy, a leading Rhythmic Gymnastics club in Singapore. Here, adults and children can take Gymnastics, Dance and Fitness classes creating a supportive community where people can inspire each other, nurture the next generation and share their passion for sports.

Premium quality classes are led by the experienced and highly qualified coaches and instructors. Now they are opening two more Evening Timings for Yoga on Mondays and Wednesdays (7pm and 8pm). Hurry up to enroll into the classes till 31 January 2024 to benefit from the limited time promotion. 

Contacts: WhatsApp +65 88020538 (DGA Admin)

Location: Gemini @ Sims #02-12 (HQ), Singapore.

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On Good Ground

On Good Ground

Image Credit: On Good Ground 

On Good Ground is the perfect place to learn to focus on mindful movement, connection with the breath, and balance in the present. 

There are many classes to choose from: 

  • Yoga Basics helps to learn the fundamentals of yoga with basic poses and transitions with clear verbal cues to support the understanding and development in the practice. 
  • Vinyasa Flow helps practitioners to immerse themselves in the moving meditation that connects movement, breath, and connecting poses to one another.
  • Barre: Basics, Ballet, Sculpt, Yin, Cardio - the instructors of On Good Ground know how to utilize the versatility of the barre. Fluid movements of Yin practice, foundational postures and movements of barre, workouts, and high-intensity cardio movements - all these can improve overall flexibility, find muscle length as well as mobility in the joints, sculpt muscles, and even teach the basic ballet movements and techniques.
  • Yin classes focus on the extended holds in different postures to improve mobility and flexibility, open potentially blocked energy channels in the body, or simply slow down and unwind.

Now, On Good Ground offers yoga classes for children where they can start their journey of exploration of movement and breath within safe boundaries. Yoga helps children to regulate their emotions and cope with life’s transitions, as well as cultivates empathy and compassion in them. 

Contacts: +65 8952 8825,

Location: 458B Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427671

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Image Credit: Athleaders

Athleaders was founded in 2019 by Bernhard Lieder: 3-time winner of the Singapore International Triathlon and former professional football player in Germany. Today, it is a top personal training company in Singapore due to the combined efforts of fitness trainers, nutrition coaches, and relationship managers who track progress and help achieve better results.

Athleaders are well-known for delivering exceptional results without the hassle of traveling to a gym - and yoga classes are not an exception. Here, you can count on the customized yoga classes in your exclusive condo gym conducted by experienced yoga instructors. Or, you can ask for home-based yoga sessions that will be tailored to your needs and level, so it does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi. Partner Yoga sessions are also available, where you and your partner can share an enjoyable wellness experience.

More than that, you can ask for a yoga session at your local park, beach, or any outdoor setting you prefer.

Contacts: +65 9890 7224,

Location: 60 Paya Lebar Road #07-54, Singapore.

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Hom Yoga

Hom Yoga

Image Credit: Hom Yoga

Here, much prominence is given to the top-notch quality of yoga teaching as it is vital for the successful transformation of the way practitioners live. Alongside many yoga classes for adults, Hom Yoga has classes aimed at mothers-to-be, postnatal women, moms and newborns, and kids.

  • Prenatal class is a unique place with a nurturing and positive community where future moms can use yoga postures and breathing techniques to help connect with the baby, alleviate discomfort, and lower stress levels.
  • Postnatal yoga is aimed at strengthening back, shoulders, and chest opening, helping with strengthening and stretching, pelvic floor balancing, and so on.
  • Mums&Bubs class is the perfect bonding time for a mom and a newborn and also a great chance to meet with other new moms and find meaningful connections through the shared experience of motherhood.
  • Kids Yoga is a class aimed at children aged 4-6 where kids learn breath techniques, and self-regulation and prepare for meditations. Here, they can learn the world around them through their bodies, and boost their ability to listen, observe and imagine.
  • Kids Yoga (7-11) is a more complicated class where children learn yoga poses, breathing techniques, visualization, and deep relaxation. These exercises boost focus, increase attention span, and promote stillness and quieting of the mind.


  • +65 6219 0330 (River Valley);
  • +65 6238 0101 (Orchard);


  • River Valley - 491 River Valley Road, Valley Point #01-18/19 Singapore 248371;
  • Orchard - 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #06-12/13 Singapore 238896.
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