Best Family Photographers & Photo Studios in Singapore

Published 04 December 2023 at 21:44

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Best Family Photographers & Photo Studios in Singapore

The art of family photography extends beyond technical expertise; it's a testament to the power of images to encapsulate love, unity, and the enduring spirit of family. A skilled family photographer has the unique ability to freeze time, preserving the laughter, love and a family unit. Family photographers need to be patient and empathetic, as working with families often involves capturing the authenticity of unscripted moments. Whether it's the joyful chaos of children at play, the tender exchange between parents and their newborn, or the shared happiness of generations, family photographers are adept at finding and framing these fleeting instances. Introducing Singapore's finest family photographers, ready to immortalise your most cherished moments!

Award-Winning Maternity Photoshoots by Theresa Olesen

Photo Collage by Theresa Olesen

Image Credit: Theresa Olesen

Theresa Olesen, an award-winning photographer with more than 12 years of experience in portrait photography knows well how to capture the beauty of the most unique time of a woman’s life. Her works were fully appreciated by internationally recognized photographer associations such as The Guild of Photographers, SWPP, and The National Photographic Society (UK).

One of the reasons why mums-to-be love Theresa's maternity portraits so much is because each shoot is tailored to the style that the model likes, everything is planned in advance, from the mood to the colors, styles, and backgrounds. All you have to do is turn up and let Theresa guide you through the various poses. Of course there is always time for a break; the entire atmosphere is very relaxing and the shoot does not have a time limit. 

Theresa captures the natural beauty and radiance of expectant mothers. You will wall away with a stunning gallery of diverse images in exactly yh style you want. Well-timed planning is the best way to achieve the desired result: it is advisable to secure a slot after your 20-week scan so as you reach the 29-35 weeks period when the maternity portraits are best captured, everything will be planned and ready for you! 

A source of Theresa’s particular pride is a wardrobe of branded maternity gowns such as form-fitting dresses, robes, bodies, silk drapes, necklaces, and other props aimed to create the very image you want. And, of course, you can bring your own outfits.

Also, Theresa works with a seasoned hair and makeup artist Ellie from The Big Blow beauty salon, so you can order in-house professional hair and makeup to complete your image. 

There is no time limit to the session as it will be completed only when you have enough shots to create a stunning series of portraits. 

There are two pricing options: you can choose a family session if you decide to bring kids and other family members. Then you will pay 399 SGD for a session fee and purchase edited photos from a set of 20-30 photos created for you.

Or, you can order a Maternity photoshoot for 999 SGD where you and perhaps your partner will be captured, which includes a pre-session consultation, planning and preparation, maternity outfits, session, and 10 high-resolution fully edited digital images chosen by Theresa.

Contacts:, +65 9754 1759, WhatsApp.

Socials: Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram.

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Photo Collage by aMusephotographer
Image Credit: aMusephotographer

Being a husband to a wonderful wife and a father of two lovely children, Charles follows the philosophy to "seize the moment, focus on love". Since 2011, aMusephotographer has taken great joy in his ability to skilfully capture the fleeting yet significant moments in the lives of families and couples. With every click of his camera, he weaves a unique story of love and connection, preserving glances, hugs, kisses, smiles, and all the little details that define these cherished relationships.

Over the past 11 years, aMusephotographer has garnered over 100 awards and titles, all while facing and overcoming various challenges. He remains committed to capturing these priceless and enduring moments for his clients, ensuring that their stories live on.

Driven by the belief that these photographs will serve as treasured keepsakes for his clients, bringing back cherished memories for a lifetime, Charles continually strives to seize every precious moment. His focus is on the genuine love shared between individuals and their loved ones, emphasising spontaneous and uninhibited expressions. Beautiful moments of life are captured naturally, avoiding excessive posing during portrait sessions. The unique artistic style continues to evolve as he endeavours to surpass his own achievements, free from the constraints of passing trends.


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Image Credit: PhotoSmile

PhotoSmile is a brainchild of Victoria Gerasymova, a Singaporean of Ukrainian origin. Since 2016, Victoria has been capturing the most fleeting and tender moments in time—maternity and newborn photography. This form of photography goes beyond simple snapshots; it is an intimate celebration of life, love, and the miracle of creation.

According to Victoria, each family is unique and photography is about telling a story - and every family has a beautiful and unique story to tell.

 From choosing the perfect location to selecting wardrobe options that enhance the maternal glow, every detail is carefully considered. The photographer will gladly guide the participants of the photoshoot through every preparation step. The aim is to capture the unique personality of the expectant mother, freezing in time the anticipation, excitement, and the profound connection between the growing life within and a mother-to-be. 

The newborn photography is another level of artisanship. It requires the technical skills to navigate the challenges of low light, delicate posing, and the unpredictability of newborn behavior to name a few. And Victoria definitely possesses needed skills as her works were highly appreciated by the experts. If you need a family photoshoot, she can help you too!

In addition, Victoria uses a lot of props, backdrops, and accessories to create visually stunning and emotionally resonant pictures.

The pricing for the packages varies so you can choose the option that fits your budget: from 540 SGD photos for 20 HQ digital photos to Maternity & Newborn Premium Collection (2490 SGD with 85 HQ digital photos, 30 printed images, Handcrafted PhotoBook, and a Complimentary MiniBook. 

Through her photography, Victoria helps families create timeless treasures that will be cherished for generations to come. These images will allow families to revisit the beauty, joy, and love that defined the early chapters of their journey into parenthood.

Contacts: WhatsApp, tel. +65 97 86 07 23,

Fees: visit the website for more details.

Socials: Instagram, Facebook.

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