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BumpWise Coffee Morning on Baby Wearing

BumpWise Coffee Morning on Baby Wearing

Join us for another BumpWise Coffee Morning all about Baby Wearing - the benefits of kangaroo care and baby wearing.. what are the available carriers out there?


Structured carriers vs slings, how to use them correctly, how to choose what woorks for you and your needs, common pit-falls etc

Rynette is a certified Babywearing Consultant and Lactation Counsellor, as well as an experienced mother of four. An advocate for attachment theory, she empowers parents to be confident and liberated caregivers through babywearing. Her background in psychology and communications has enabled her to assist many parents in understanding their baby’s needs and cues, as well as to understand how babywearing benefits a child's development.

Rynette is also the Founder of 13Thirteen, a consultancy, retail and distribution business specialising in babywearing, skin-to-skin garments and their own line of diaper backpacks. She offers private and group babywearing consultations and workshops, as well as rental of baby carriers.

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