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Easter Holiday Camps @ Camp Asia

Hop into spring with our egg-citing Easter Holiday Camps!


From April 1st to April 12th, get ready for a basket full of fun activities for your loved ones!

Drama Academy

  • Age: 4-5, 9-11

This camp is the perfect opportunity to build creativity, confidence, and character development. A curated list of activities including games, improvisation, storytelling, acting and movements within a week will turn into a spectacular show on the stage where everybody will be able to show their progress and talent development. 

Passion for Art

  • Age: 6-8, 9-12

It is about time to release an inner artist who sleeps inside your kid! Here, young creators will be able to experiment with painting, drawing, ceramics, and recycling to find their style and inspiration and how to develop their talents. In addition, kids will learn the history of art from Neolithic to Pop and Minimalist.

Junior Scientist

  • When: 1-5 April
  • Age: 6-8, 9-12

This program is packed with hands-on activities and experiments to prove to kids that science is fun and exciting. Younger kids will make a Newtonian fluid dance to music, extract DNA from squishy fruits, and learn the fundamentals of scientific concepts. Older scientists will apply a more serious approach and learn scientific concepts like pressure, aerodynamics, exothermic reactions, sound waves, electrostatics, magnetism, and fluid mechanics from a critical perspective. 


  • Age: 3-4, 5-6 & 7-8

This camp offers a lot of various activities, so kids who want to try their hand at something new will duly appreciate it. Here, they can participate in Art, Drama, sports, and science and decide what activities they like to most so they can focus on them in the future.


  • Age: 5-6, 7-8, 9-12

Here, every day is dedicated to a specific activity so kids can go headfirst into it and dedicate enough time to it. From crafting art pieces from wood to gardening, basketball, and baking, kids should get ready for the most exciting week of their Easter holidays!

Super Basketball

  • Age: 7-10, 11-16

This week can boost your kids’ knowledge and skills in basketball due to the high professionalism and experience of the coaches at this camp. Here, kids will learn how to excel on the court by learning the fundamentals, developing their skills, and achieving a thorough understanding of the rules and theory.

Super Soccer

  • Age: 5-10, 11-14

Get ready for the Friday Mini-World Cup with the coaches of Camp Asia! With polishing of skills, drills and games), daily prizes and educational sessions, slip-n-slides, and quizzes, this week of soccer will definitely catch your kids’ fancy!

Every child joining this camp will receive a FREE Branded Soccer kit!


  • Age: 7-13

The amount of physical activity required to pass the week of parkour sessions can exhaust even the most energetic child. Jumping, climbing, vaulting, balancing, breaking falls, and landing - all these activities develop balance, coordination, focus, commitment, and awareness of kids’ physical abilities. Under the attentive supervision of skilled instructors, kids will be able to train in a safe environment and challenge themselves to achieve top results.

Super Gymnastics

  • Age: 5-6, 7-8, 9-12

This camp lays a strong foundation to explore and enjoy other sports apart from gymnastics as it teaches kids physical literacy: a combination of fundamental movement patterns and foundational gymnastics and general sports skills.

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