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Parenting: The Teen Years

Parenting: The Teen Years

Adolescence should not be a phase that parents merely endure and hope for it to end as soon as possible. It is the Age of Opportunity. Parents have an important role in helping their teenage children grow into successfully independent adults.

In this workshop, parents will gain insights into the mind and behaviour of their teens. They will learn about their teen’s cognitive, social and emotional changes and needs.

Parents will also learn how to nurture a close and lasting relationship with their teen by acquiring skills in communication, connection and collaboration.

While it is a workshop on parenting teens, parents with a 10 or 11-year old can start to attend this workshop to prepare themselves for what is just around the corner.

Workshop Highlights

In this 5-hour workshop, we will cover:

  • How long does adolescence last
  • Puberty and its effects
  • Understanding the Adolescent Mind
  • Brain and Cognitive Development
  • Problem behaviour
  • Mental health
  • How to communicate with your teen
  • How to connect with your teen
  • How to collaborate with your teen
  • And more.

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