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Beats & Doodles

Beats & Doodles

Beats & Doodles is a DJ mixtape that leans towards the calm and serene.


With an intention to encourage doodling for relaxation, kids and busy adults are invited to listen to the mixtape whether in full or in short segments while creating little moments of expressions. Select from a 60 minutes mixtape or simply go for a 10 minutes session to take a break in your day.

Enjoy the process of listening and doodling without the worries of finishing or “getting it right”. Snap a video of the doodle with the music running in the background, whether unfinished or finished and tag #beatsdoodles and #octoburst2020 on Instagram.

About Cherry Chan

Cherry Chan is a Singapore-based electronic music producer and DJ known for her eclectic selection, as well as for co-founding artist collective/music label Syndicate. For Beats & Doodles, she wanders through music made by Singaporean beatmakers, weaving a soundtrack for shapes, patterns and scribbles borne of idle moments.


Image Credit: Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay







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