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Come Under My Umbrella (Caregiver–Child Workshop)

Come Under My Umbrella (Caregiver–Child Workshop)

Come Under my Umbrella is a family workshop that invites caregivers and children to explore the concept of the body as a shelter. Through engaging games, reflections, and expressive body movements, we create a safe and nurturing space for children to delve into potential threats they may encounter and discover what they need to feel safe. At the same time, caregivers are encouraged to reflect on their role as a shelter and the importance of self-care. 

This interactive session also promotes open discussion on body safety, empowering both children and adults to understand and assert personal boundaries. Through the workshop, families will learn how to foster an environment where they learn to listen to their bodies and trust their body wisdom. 

As a meaningful takeaway, each caregiver-child group will have the opportunity to engage in collaborative art-making, personalising their own umbrella, symbolising a physical and metaphorical shelter that can protect them from life's inevitable storms.

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Price: 20 SGD

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