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The Putu Piring Incident of Batu Bulat

The Putu Piring Incident of Batu Bulat

Batu Bulat is an island-home to many wonderful villagers.


The landscape of Batu Bulat is marked by a hill, many fields for endless hours of fun, and an ice-factory. Three characters meet by chance one day, and something good… and bad happens. The story is different for each of them.

An ice-factory prince, an island adventurer, and a putu-piring seller all clash in their accounts of what really happened that sunny day by the foot of Bukit Batu Bulat.

Inspired by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s The Danger of a Single Story, this work by Adib Kosnan was created in the 2018 edition of Octoburst! to encourage empathy, active listening and compassion amongst its audience members. The three works were originally presented in various parts of the Esplanade. In the digital version, the three characters will once again come together to share their respective versions of what happened that fateful day and maybe, just maybe, they might learn something new from each other.

The three videos will be accompanied by resources and guides on diverse thinking. The guides can be utilised by parents/caregivers or educators.


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