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Forest School Wildcats Afternoon

Forest School Wildcats Afternoon

Wildcats Afternoon, is our first-ever afternoon regular session that we have launched as a prototype to have a sense of how the afternoon session works for children who are attending primary school.


We want to explore the possibility for our school going children to have a unstructured space where they can experience the freedom and autonomy that the forest provide.

Forest School Sessions are the main programs of Forest School Singapore. It is a school, where freedom, space, autonomy and empowerment come together to create self-directed play, learning and interaction. The curriculum is our guideline to facilitating and developing our learners in the school. Learners will be the ones to decide how, when and what they want to do in a session. We have mixed-age dynamic in our group, to enable children to interact with individuals of different age and abilities. Forest School is also a long term program/commitment, that focuses and values the relationships, growth, development, involvement of our families. It takes a village to raise a child.


  • Give children the space to lead their own play and learning.
  • Grow in confidence and resilience.
  • Allow their awareness grow from the self to the environment and beyond

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