Forest School - Singapore

Forest School - Singapore

An alternative form of outdoor education in which children engage in the natural environment to develop personal, social and creative realisation


Forest school is both a pedagogy and a physical entity, with the use often being interchanged.

Forest School is the key focus of Forest School Singapore. It is a school, where freedom, space, autonomy and empowerment come together to create the self-directed play, learning and interaction.

The curriculum is the guideline to facilitating and developing the learners in the school. Learners will be the ones to decide. They run it with a mixed-age group, to enable children to learn how to interact with different people, of all ages and a vast range of abilities. Here are the details of the program.


  • Give children the space to lead their own play and learning.
  • Grow in confidence and resilience.
  • Develop their own learning for their own interests.

In this journey, learners will have the opportunity to build life and relationship connection with the world at their own pace and freedom, through nature, which then leads them to further focus and understand the academic theories and knowledge which are the key elements in mainstream education. From the exploration, decision making and thought processes, learners will develop an adequate level of confidence and self-competency that will carry with them through their life.

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