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Get Crafty! – Olmec Head with Seeds Activity by MEXASING

Get Crafty! – Olmec Head with Seeds Activity by MEXASING

Bring home your very own unique souvenir from the first ever Hanging Gardens floral display!


Did you know that the Olmecs were one of the first inhabitants of the Americas to construct monumental architecture and to settle in towns and cities? Olmec heads are a distinctive feature of the Olmec civilisation of ancient Mesoamerica.

In this activity, you will learn the technique applied to the Olmec colossal heads at the floral display and make a replica of the Colossal Olmec head using seeds brought from Mexico, such as corn and 4 different kinds of beans (black, green, red and yellow). All materials will be provided for this activity. 

This activity is organised by the Mexican Association in Singapore (MEXASING). MEXASING is a non-profit association whose main objective is to promote Mexican traditions through events, workshops, and cultural exchanges, in support of private and government organisations such as the Mexican Embassy in Singapore.


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