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Spring Surprise @ Gardens By The Bay

Spring Surprise @ Gardens By The Bay

Usher in a prosperous New Year with Gardens by the Bay's Spring Surprise!


Celebrate the Year of the Rat with exciting festive performances and activities.

Golden Pyro Dragon Dance

  • Fri, 31 Jan - Sun, 2 Feb
  • 9.10pm
  • Supertree Grove

Usher in the year of the Metal Rat and be the first in Singapore to catch the sparktacular Golden Pyro Dragon Dance under a shower of firework-like sparkles achieved through the use of special metal granules to create these pyrotechnic displays!

Colours of Spring

  • Mon, 23 Jan - Sun, 23 Feb
  • 6.00pm - 11.00pm
  • Golden Garden

According to the Chinese zodiac, the rat has long been associated with wealth and abundance. This Lunar New Year, stroll along a vibrant display of colourful zodiac lanterns and revel in rich display of treasures.

This display is put up in collaboration with REACH Community Services.

God of Fortune Meet & Greet

  • Sat, 1 Feb - Sun, 2 Feb
  • Sat, 8 Feb - Sun, 9 Feb
  • 12.00pm & 4.00pm
  • Flower Dome

Meet the God of Fortune and make the new year a prosperous one! Keep your eyes peeled for him at the Flower Dome for a chance to be blessed with luck and wealth in the coming year. 

Lion Dance 

  • Mon, 27 Jan
  • Fri, 31 Jan - Sun, 2 Feb
  • 6.00pm
  • Supertree Grove

The Rat zodiac symbolizes strong vitality in the chinese culture and display both agility and alertness. Usher in the Lunar New Year with thrilling lion dance performances by an award-winning local lion dance troupe! Try not to hold your breath as the lion leaps from pole to pole and performs difficult stunts.

Shadow Puppet Performance - The Zodiac Race

  • Sat, 1 Feb - Sun, 2 Feb
  • Sat, 8 Feb - Sun, 9 Feb
  • 3.00pm & 5.00pm
  • Flower Dome

Why did the rat finish first in the zodiac race? Watch the story unfold through the traditional shadow puppet performance in the Flower Dome.

Suitable for all ages. 

Festive Bazaar 

  • Mon, 27 Jan - Sun, 9 Feb
  • 12.00pm - 5.00pm
  • Flower Dome

Stock up on Chinese New Year goodies such as homemade snacks to DIY crafts from our festive lineup of stalls!

Ding Yi Music Company Concert

  • Sat, 1 Feb
  • 7.00pm & 8.00pm
  • Supertree Grove

Celebrate your Chinese New Year with Ding Yi Music Company! Together with Assistant Conductor Dedric Wong, the ensemble brings you a medley of traditional Chinese music and some of our local favourites.

This is part of "Go Local" Series by Ding Yi @ Gardens.

Zodiac Tangram

  • Mon, 27 Jan - Sun, 9 Feb
  • 12.00pm - 6.00pm
  • The Canopy

Be as witty and resouceful like the intelligent rat and challenge yourself at this fun-filled zodiac-themed tangram boards. Sharpen your problem-solving skills as you put together the different puzzle pieces to form the shape of the animals hidden.

Additionally, you can join us on our weekend workshops to create your own mini tangram set and bring the fun anywhere you go!

Workshop sessions:

  • Sat, 1 Feb - Sun, 2 Feb, 12.00pm to 6.00pm
  • Sat, 8 Feb - Sun, 9 Feb, 12.00pm to 6.00pm

Wushu Display

  • Sat, 1 Feb - Sun, 2 Feb
  • 9.00pm
  • Supertree Grove

Don't miss out on the exciting martial arts showcase, and marvel at the display of strength, agility and grace. 

Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert

  • Fri, 31 Jan
  • 7.00pm & 8.00pm
  • Supertree Grove
  • With a colourful and enthralling performance lined up, Chinese New Year with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) is anything but subdued. Join us and revel in festive celebrations as SCO presents a vibrant evening filled with modern and traditional music!

This is part of SCO's Music Oasis.

Drum Feng

  • Sun, 2 Feb
  • 7.00pm
  • Supertree Grove

Be prepared for a strong and expressive night of drum and music performance displayed by Drum Feng as they rev up the celebratory mood!


  • Sun, 2 Feb
  • 8.00pm
  • Supertree Grove

Soak in the celebratory mood this Lunar New Year with melodic festive music by talented musicians from Dicapella.

Spring Melodies

  • Date: 27 Jan - 9 Feb 2019
  • Venue: Flower Dome

 Enjoy medleys of beautiful tunes played by various talented performers in celebration of the spring's arrival.

Programmes are free.

Admission charge to Flower Dome applies.


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Standard Rate - Two Conservatories Adult/Senior: 28 SGD
Standard Rate - Two Conservatories Child (3-12 years old): 15 SGD
Singapore Resident1 Rate - Two Conservatories Adult: 20 SGD
Singapore Resident1 Rate - Two Conservatories Senior Citizen (≥60 years old): 15 SGD
Singapore Resident1 Rate - Two Conservatories Child (3-12 years old): 12 SGD
Singapore Resident1 Rate - One Conservatory Adult: 12 SGD
Singapore Resident1 Rate - One Conservatory Senior Citizen (≥60 years old): 8 SGD
Singapore Resident1 Rate - One Conservatory Child (3-12 years old): 8 SGD

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