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Home Enrichment Class - Creative Music Ensemble

Home Enrichment Class - Creative Music Ensemble

Creative Music Ensemble is a weekly music enrichment programme that integrates classical repertoire, movement, literacy, history, instruments, singing and storytelling.


It is based on the philosophies of music creators like Orff Schulwerk, Dalcroze, and Kodaly. The approach is multisensorial, multi-media and multi-faceted. Children will listen, move, play, draw, create and work with partners or in groups. This programme is uniquely designed by Carol Choo who has a Licentiate in Piano Teaching by the Trinity College of London (LTCL) and an accredited Teacher Levels certification by the Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk (ANCOS).

The curriculum is selectively designed for your child’s age group, with child-appropriate activities and learning tools. A musically-rich and educational programme approaching the study of music which include 6 main components, all important elements that contribute to your child’s eventual instrument learning path. Through an active integrated learning approach, the children will be given the opportunities to experience and discover the wonders of music. This programme emphasizes the process and sets the tone towards a more disciplinary music learning journey. It also lays the foundation for the children to appreciate the art and prepare them for their formal musical pursuit.

  • Auditory (Good selection of repertoire/listening excerpts)
  • Vocal (Develop a good sense of pitch)
  • Kinesthetic (Demonstrate a steady beat/rhythm)
  • Visual (Read rhythms and notations)
  • Instrument Playing & Ensemble (Making music together)
  • Creative Expression (Ways to articulate feelings/thoughts)

Creative Music Ensemble lesson activities will include:

Focused Listening:

  • Active listening to develop Attentiveness, Auditory Awareness, Discrimination and Acuity
  • Introduction of Instruments of the Orchestra
  • Appreciation of Classical Music from different Genres and music from different Cultures

Singing and Speech:

  • Vocalization activities with Sounds, Rhythmic and Melodic patterns
  • Introduction of Solfege and Rhythmic Notation
  • Tonal Accuracy, Diction, Audiation Skills will be explored

Body percussion/Instrument/Ensemble Play:

  • Making musical sounds with body
  • Exploring and Jamming with a wide range of rhythmic percussion instruments

3 Instrument types: Introducing Glockenspiel (Precursor to the Piano), Ukulele (Precursor the Strings) and Recorder (Precursor to the Woodwind) to develop the technique, eye-hand coordination, dexterity and pitch accuracy


  • Awareness of Spatial, Posture and Deportment
  • Emphasis on Interpretative, Timing and Accuracy of Movement

Storytelling: Appreciation of World’s Classical Composers and their life stories and Musical Styles through captivating stories about them -Introduction of musical terms, signs, concepts and rhythms

Notation: Introduction of musical notation, writing, leading up to musical dictation and composition

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per session: 45 SGD
for 4 sessions: 160 SGD
for 8 sessions: 304 SGD

Telephone number

+65 90080920



Jurong West Street 93, Singapore