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Entrepreneurship Program for Kids

Entrepreneurship Program for Kids

Entrepreneurship Program for Kids is aimed at developing entrepreneurial mindset in kids early on.


While academics is THE most important thing for kids, but the reality is that academic teaching does not prepare kids for life. In fact students do much better in academics if they don’t focus on grades. Sounds ironical? But it’s true.

“Don’t prepare the road for your child, instead focus on preparing your child for the road”

What you really want to be doing is inculcating entrepreneurial and growth mindset that prepares them for life.

Here are some common mistakes parents make:

  • They prevent kids from committing mistakes or failing
  • They protect them from negative emotions
  • They don’t let them explore unconventional things (entrepreneurship)
  • Lastly, they try too hard to raise a perfect child

If you are panicking because you are making more than one of these mistakes, this is perfect training for your kids to get them started. This online self-paced course will be engaging and empowering for your child. Are you ready?

How does it work? It is quite simple.

  • Step 1 – Subscribe for the program by filling the form and making the payment
  • Step 2 – Receive activity sheets/video lessons over email for enhanced learning (material will be sent every alternate day)
  • Step 3 – Submit all worksheets at the end of the program and get an E-Certificate for Entrepreneurship Program for Kids

In Entrepreneurship Program for Kids, the activities are tailored for kids. These activities are simple yet very effective to hone a growth mindset. Parents can act as facilitators, if required.

This is a short-term crash course but you can be part of a moderated, highly engaged community that we are building on facebook. We are certain that your child will benefit immensely from this program.

We are truly dedicated to the mission of making growth and entrepreneurial mindset program available to every child.

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