Kidspreneurship is all about nurturing, building and developing an entrepreneurial spirit in every child.


As the world moves toward gig economy, entrepreneurship is an absolute ‘must-have’ skill for kids growing up in a tech-dominated world. They also must possess a growth mind-set for a happy and fulfilling life.

Kidspreneurship workshops and camps are carefully designed for kids age 7 and above to equip them with tools that they can leverage to create an entrepreneurial and growth mindset.

We firmly believe in ‘Learn through Play’ and all our workshops are activity based. After all, active participation = active learning! For a holistic and consistent learning experience, we not only have programs for kids, we extend our programs to schools and parents.

We have plug and play curriculum and resources that schools can embrace to make kids ready for the future of work.


Image Credit: Kidspreneurship


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