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Kidz Treehouse Explorers

Come join us for a morning under the sun where learning and imagination take flight!  


The Kidz Treehouse Explorers is a weekly nature experience for children aged 4-7 to grow their problem-solving, resilience and social skills based on the Forest School philosophy. This forest school experience is happening on Saturday mornings and selected Wednesday afternoons for children aged 4–7 to explore the wonders of nature! 

  1. The Kidz Treehouse Explorer has unique signature activities, designed by experienced educators, such as the Mindful Yoga, Nature Adventures, Nature Mandala and Exploration Time.
  2. Our experienced Nature Rangers will foster a respectful and nurturing environment, empowering your child to become confident and independent young explorers.
  3. Spark your little one’s creativity and imagination through nature with our Kidz Treehouse Explorers today. By connecting children with the great outdoors, children gain a greater sense of focus and curiosity, allowing them to engage in learning better.
  4. The experiential journey created by Kidz Treehouse Explorers will improve your child’s socio-emotional competencies, creative expressions and psychomotor skills. Delving into the sights and sounds of nature, the Kidz Treehouse Explorers programme will hone your child’s observational and perspective-taking skills.
  5. The Kidz Treehouse Explorers is a drop-off programme to allow children to explore and build their independence. 

Dates are as follow:

  • 21, 28 Nov and 5 Dec at Jurong Lake Garden 08.15am - 11am
  • 25 Nov, 02, 09, 16 Dec at Sengkang Riverside Park 3.30pm-6pm

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Images Credit: Kidz Treehouse




Single Session : 38 SGD (First Time Customers)
Subsequent Single Session: 45 SGD
4-session package: 180 SGD
8-session package: 360 SGD

Telephone number

+65 9380 3468



33 Hyderabad Rd, Singapore