Kidz Treehouse

Kidz Treehouse is a quality education provider that builds your child’s excellent character through nature.


With more than 10 years of experience in educating children, Kidz Treehouse makes high-quality learning experiences accessible through our preschool, student care, educational products and programmes. Research has shown that exposure to nature at a young age improves cognitive functions, attention capacity, and social interactions with adults and other children. Expand your child’s global perspective on the environment, tap on their potential and build their character early in life through Nature with Kidz Treehouse.

Kidz Treehouse Explorers
Kidz Treehouse Explorers is a series of outdoor learning experience for children aged 4-7 that engages children in nature to play, learn and imagine. In the day and age where personal development for young children is highly sought after, children are faced with pressures to cope with enrichment lessons and extra-curricular activities. What if there was a way to build resilience, grit and confidence, where your child is able to pick up these skills naturally? Come join us for a morning of fun under the sun where learning and imagination take flight with Kidz Treehouse Explorers. Register your child for our Kidz Treehouse Explorers here.


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