Please note that this is an overdue event

PSLE 2025: Latest Oral Examination Updates – Learning English Webinars

Calling all parents with children who are Primary 5 and younger!


Heard about the changes to the oral component for the PSLE from 2025 onwards but don’t know where to begin? Or perhaps you’re not sure about what these changes are and are looking to find out more. Get a headstart in understanding these changes by attending this webinar:

1. Explaining and breaking down these changes to the oral component
2. Understanding what these changes mean for both you and your child
3. Providing useful strategies to help your child prepare for these new changes

Note: The changes that will be discussed affect those who are taking their PSLE from 2025 onwards (students P5 and below). However, we welcome all to join us as the tips and tricks shared will be useful for all students!


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How to get there?

Lil’ but Mighty Marine Parade is conveniently located at Parkway Centre. Within its vicinity are Parkway Parade, 84 Marine Parade Central Market and Food Centre, 2 large NTUC Supermarkets (including a Finest), and numerous shops in the neighbourhood. With several food options available in Parkway Centre itself, you don’t have to worry about having to grab a bite before or after class!