Little Green House

Little Green House

They nurture child’s total development through a fusion of a strong academic curriculum, creative enrichment and hands-on activities. 


With a dedicated team of professional preschool teachers, they bring to light child’s full intellectual, social, physical and creative potential. Working hand-in-hand with the parents, they hope to see children becoming:

  • Confident with expressing themselves creatively
  • More self-aware with a sense of community and love for environment
  • Adept with the basics of language and numbers
  • Coordinated and actively developing his/her motor skills

They customise age-appropriate pragrams in several categories:

  • Infant care - 2 Months -17 Months
  • Playgroup - 18 Months -30 Months
  • Nursery 1 - 3 Years Old
  • Nursery 2 - 4 Years Old
  • Kindergarten 1 - 5 Years Old
  • Kindergarten 2 - 6 Years Old

They carefully nurture children under a warm shalter with rays of encouragement to help them grow and bloom to their fullest.


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+65 6653 7146 (Hotline)




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