Little Skool House

Little Skool House

The Little Skool-House International is a haven to seek, discover and explore!


The Little Skool-House is more than just a ‘skool’. With the belief that every child is a wonder, they create an environment that nurtures learning while providing a sense of belonging. By inspiring children to explore, create and discover, they develop their talents and potential to live their own stories. 

Together with the global community, they prepare them to be thinkers and tinkerers, leaders, risk-takers, inquirers, communicators and innovators who will someday make their mark in the world. 

They believe that stories shape how children see the world, introducing them to far-flung places, extraordinary people and eye-opening situations. That’s why, at the Little Skool-House, they adopt a literacy-based approach, using meaningful children’s literature as the key medium to encourage learning. 

Through guided reading, writing, listening, speaking and problem-solving activities, they equip your child with the skills and knowledge they need to develop positive learning habits that will last a lifetime.


  • Infant Care Programme (2-18 months) - Attachment is the cornerstone of positive infant development. That’s because infants who develop secure attachments with their caregivers in the first two years display higher sociability, independence, perseverance, good relations and more effective emotional regulation.Through their infant care programme, they provide respectful and responsive caregiving to help your infant establish authentic and trusting relationships with their caregivers.
  • Toddler Programme (2 years) - The  ability  to trust is key to your toddler's development and confidence. The more confident your toddler is, the more capable they are of learning and achieving anything they set their mind on. And that's what their toddler programme seeks to develop - the "I can do it" attitude.
  • Nursery Programme (3-4 years) - In Nursery programme, your child will have the freedom and time to explore and discover new things. In doing so, they develop their problem solving skills, create a ‘never give up’ attitude and nurture a lifelong love for learning. Designed to prepare your child for the Kindergarten curriculum, Nursery programme will introduce foundational concepts, attitudes and knowledge necessary for future learning. Through engaging hands-on activities, your child has fun with letters and numbers as they develop important social skills.
  • Kindergarten Programme (5-6 years) - The Kindergarten children will be provided meaningful experiences to hone their reading and writing skills. The programme will also provide opportunities for early problem-solving, inquiring, questioning, and thinking. your child will gain the foundational concepts, attitudes and    knowledge they need for future learning as they progress to primary school and beyond. In the process, they’ll also attain mastery of their literacy and numeracy skills and further develop their social skills and resilience to brave the journey ahead.


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Opening hours

Mon–Fri 12:00–18:00, Sat 08:00–14:00.


+65 6509 7880



229 Mountbatten Road, #02-18 Mountbatten Square, Singapore 398007