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Little Medical School Year-End Twin Camp

Little Medical School Year-End Twin Camp

In this 5-day camp, your child gets to ROLE PLAY and EXPLORE the exciting world of doctors, veterinarians, medicine, science in an interactive, fun, and hands-on way! 


Day 1:

  • play ice-breaking games to kick start the fun camp
  • dress up like real doctors in white robes and learn about instruments doctors use and get their own working stethoscope to keep
  • learn how the heart functions and get to listen using their own stethoscope
  • get up and moving to learn how air enters and exits the body
  • through an interactive exercise, they also learn what happens when their bodies digest food

Day 2:

  • dress up like real surgeons with a face mask and gloves and learn to suture and tie knots
  • learn how to respond when first aid is needed and be able to identify items needed in a first-aid kit
  • learn about the brain, how it works, and build a model of the brain!
  • learn what gas is and why we burp and belch
  • learn what the spine does and identify the different levels of the spine
  • be able to explain what a prescription is, what information it must contain, and understand how pharmacists dispense prescriptions

Day 3:

  • learn how to measure and take assessments of their pet
  • learn about the ABC’s of pet care and the importance of proper nutrition and eating proper foods in keeping a pet healthy and growing properly
  • learn what to do when a pet gets hurt and how to care for stitches
  • learn about the importance of ticks and how to check their pets for ticks, and learn how to administer tick medicine
  • learn how antibodies recognise and kill germs that enter the body, and discuss the importance of strong immune system and vaccination for the pet

Day 4:

  • be able to describe who are the important members of the team at a veterinary office and understand how these people work with veterinarians to help the patients and pet owners 
  • learn how to take care of a pet-use instruments that real veterinarians use
  • learn about some things that pet owners can do to help make the visit go as smoothly as possible for their pets
  • learn what radiographs are, and take a radiograph of their pet, and learn how to describe how a veterinary team would take a radiograph
  • learn about the different organs of digestion of a pet and how food moves normally through the pet’s digestive tract, and describe what happens when a foreign body gets stuck in the digestive tract.

Day 5: 

  • learn about the different parts of the eyes of a pet, and learn how a veterinarian would look for a scratch on the eye, and understand the common eye troubles for pets
  • learn about some common pet body languages and what they could be saying about how the pet is feeling, and learn to identify 3 main signs when a pet needs more space, or when a pet is relaxed, and learn 3 main situations that might make a pet not want to be touched or approached
  • GRADUATION PARTY where children will review what they have learnt, share their favourite part of the camp, get to understand the type of jobs available to veterinarians, design their own pet toy, and receive their graduation certificate issued by Little Medical School. Each child will take home their own stuffed plush that they will adopt!  

Bring-home items: Real Stethoscope, Physical Exam Form, First Aid Kit, Brain Model, Make Your Own Take Home Snot, Dog plush, Dog Bone Cookie Cutter, Adoption Certificate, Lab Coat, Eye Model and Graduation Certificate.

Every friend you refer who signs up will entitle you to $10 off the camp fee. Text us at +65 8845 4045 to get your unique referral code! 

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Price: 600 SGD

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