Specialised Speech and Drama Playgroup Programme For Infants & Toddlers

With Speech and Drama at the core of our specialised infant and toddler programmes, we use drama as a tool to help our infants and toddlers build Social Skills, Speech Skills, Self-Expression and Two-Way Communication.


Our programme is developed specially for our precious young infants to grow up into toddlers and develop good speech, communication skills as well as grow in self-confidence.

Our programme also focuses on developing other EQ Skills such as Empathy, Social Skills, Presentation Skills, Self-Confidence and Self-Awareness, incorporating fine motor activities, gross motor activities and sensory activities to aid in overall language development and communication.

  • Flexi packages of 4 and 8 available for parents who’d like more flexibility for drop in classes
  • Weekday or weekend options available




Images Credit: LoveKids Speech and Drama Pte Ltd


Tue 09:15–10:00, Wed 09:30–10:45, Thu 09:15–10:00, Fri 09:30–10:45, Sat 09:00–10:15, Sun 09:30–10:30.



Telephone number

+65 6288 0508



407 Sembawang Road Singapore 758386