Interactive LIVESTREAM Music class for 0-4s

Interactive LIVESTREAM Music class for 0-4s

A live streamed 30 minute music class which offers the chance to interact with Lucy Sparkles and fellow participants. 


Lucy Sparkles & Friends music classes develop musical, physical, emotional and intellectual skills through engaging and fun sessions. Each live stream class includes live guitar, ukulele or keyboard, a capella singing games, action songs, rhymes, scarf play, listening and moving to music and playing along on percussion instruments.

While every lesson is different, we apply the same fun, thoughtful and tested structure to each weekly session in order to establish a comfortable and friendly environment for children. All of our music teachers are professional musicians who play real instruments.


Tuesday 3:45pm

Tuesday 4:30pm

Wednesday 4pm

Friday 4pm


Tue 15:45, Wed 16:00, Fri 16:00.




Single Livestream Ticket (for one family/device): 12 SGD
Livestream Term Ticket (for one family/device): 10 SGD

Telephone number

+65 8112 6564



Lucy Sparkles & Friend, Singapore