Spectra: A Light and Water Show @ Marina Bay Sands

Spectra: A Light and Water Show @ Marina Bay Sands

Experience a captivating light and water display like no other

Spectra, a free-to-public outdoor light and water show displayed over the water at the Event Plaza along the promenade. As the story unfolds before your eyes, you'll be immersed in a beautiful symphony of music, water and light that's powered by advanced lasers, fountain jets and visual projectors.

Whether it's your first viewing or your hundredth, the 15-minute show will mesmerise you with its dancing water fountains, colourful visual arts, inspiring orchestral soundtrack and special lighting effects. Bring your family and friends and be enthralled time and again in the visually stunning world of Spectra!

The Story

  • Act I: Singular Vision – The Origin
  • Act II: Prism of Diversity – The Blossoming of Ideas
  • Act III: Kaleidoscope – The Fusion of Cultures, Technology and Passion
  • Act IV: Future Focused – Realising the Dream

Spectra reflects Singapore’s journey as a multicultural society into the cosmopolitan city she is today, with each of the 4 acts seamlessly flowing into the next. In Acts I and II, visual imagery metaphorically represents Singapore society and its complex history and cultural background. Acts III and IV have a forward-looking theme, with futuristic images inspiring us to strive for a better Singapore.


  • Sunday – Thursday – 8pm & 9pm
  • Friday & Saturday – 8pm, 9pm and 10pm

Fast Facts

  • Built in collaboration with Australia-based experience design agency Imagination, the show features a brand new soundtrack composed and remixed by award-winning producer and music arranger Kenn C. Born and raised in Singapore, Kenn is a veteran in the regional pop music scene, having worked with A-list stars such as Stefanie Sun, A-mei and Jacky Cheung. 
  • A production that is two years in the making, the show is a world-first, anchored by a 12-metre high laminated glass prism that forms the “heartbeat” of the show. 
  • The show utilizes a huge selection of water fountain techniques, including pyramids, gyroscopic, archs and straight jets, as well as lava and mist effects.

The Technology

  • Spectra sets itself apart from other light and water shows because of its diverse range of water fountain techniques, and its use of new underwater 500 watt LED fixtures – specially developed for the show – that allow the lights to show perfect whites and richer colours. 

  • The show also uses state-of-the-art technology, including a synchronization software called timecode, so that the soundtrack will be able to trigger, millisecond by millisecond, all of the lasers, lighting, projections and water effects in perfect harmony each time. 

  •  Lighting positions were carefully chosen to give the maximum effect in conjunction with water, laser and projection effects. The lights are positioned on specially created floating pontoons as well as additional projection screen barges located around the bay area. 

  • The lights used are energy efficient, with the main lighting fixture able to produce a light output similar to a 4,000 watt search light, even though it has a small unit output of energy at 470 watts.

  • The glass prism sits atop a polished stainless steel skeleton which is submerged underwater. As it sits submerged, the water can reflect all over the prism’s exterior for an additional effect. Stainless steel is also used for the structure to withstand outdoor weather conditions and for its ability to reflect light. 

  • The prism is able to cast a colour hue onto an object up to 50 metres away. 

  • The show will have an improved high-powered and full-range sound system for playing back both show audio and events. Three primary loudspeakers are positioned on the water fountains in the bay, with side and rear speakers mounted on either side and behind the audience for a more immersive audio experience. 


Sunday to Thursday – 8pm & 9pm
Friday & Saturday – 8pm, 9pm and 10pm

Please note that there will be changes in Spectra – Light & Water Show timings
Saturday – 8:30pm, 9pm, 10pm
July 14: 9pm, 10:30pm
July 21
July 28
Aug 4


Credit: Image of Marina Bay Sands


Mon–Thu 20:00–21:00, Fri–Sat 20:00–22:00, Sun 20:00–21:00.



Telephone number

+65 6688 8868



10 Bayfront Avenue Singapore 018956

How to get there?

MRT Train Services

Marina Bay Sands is linked directly to CE1/DT16 Bayfront Station on the Circle Line and Downtown Line of Singapore's Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train system.

Bus Services

Marina Bay Sands is serviced by the following bus routes: 

  • 97 / 106 / 518 / 133 / 502 (every day)
  • 97E / 502A / 518A (every day except Sat, Sun & public holidays)
  • NR1 / NR6 (late night Fri, Sat & eve of public holidays)