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PAssion Wave Orienteering Championship

PAssion Wave Orienteering Championship

Join us in the PAssion Wave Orienteering Championship (PWOC) to see how far your navigational skills will take you on a run exploring the hidden treasures of Bedok Reservoir and estate.


You will be racing against the clock (& each other) to try and find as many checkpoints as you can within 1hr 30min, hence it's not just the fastest runner(s) but also the team who find the best route (or shortcuts) to out-beat and outrun the others! 

+Participant/s will be embarking on a foot navigation race in the terrain around the host venue.
+Each participant/ group will be given a map and they are to map read and plan a route that will allow them to secure the highest number of checkpoints within the given time.
+Time allowed: 1h30min

Winning Criteria

  • Teams will be competing within their categories.
  • Winning team will be determined by highest score (Each CP has its own score) achieved within 1h 30 min.
  • Should there be a tie, running time will be considered

Race categories

  1. Secondary ('C' Division)
  2. Secondary ('B' Division)
  3. Open (Pair)
  4. Family (Group of 3 to 4 pax)
  5. People's Association Grassroots Organisations PA GRO (Pair)
  6. Inclusive (Pair)

+ School participants will be racing in their respective category. Each category will be further grouped by their gender. (for eg. Male-male, Female-female)
+ Open, Family, GRO and Inclusive category participants will not have any gender restrictions.

Race Scoring

+ Participants will make use of the app “Navitabi” to keep track of their score and positions.
+ Navitabi – Participants are to check in on their app upon arrival at the designated checkpoint on site


+ Participating teams must go through safety brief and each team to carry their cell phone for safety.
+ In the event of Cat 1 alert, race will be suspended immediately. All stations will inform the teams and get them to the nearest shelter before proceeding back to event venue when permissible.
+ Maps will come printed with emergency contact numbers for teams to call.

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Image Credit: PA PAssion WaVe



Telephone number

+65 6247 7338
+65 9710 1697 (PAssion WaVe Bedok Reservoir)
+65 6296 6683 (PAssion WaVe Marina Bay)
+65 9710 1826 (PAssion WaVe Lower Seletar Reservoir)
+65 6582 4796 (PAssion WaVe Pasir Ris)
+65 675 50225 (PAssion WaVe Sembawang)
+65 6444 0409 (PAssion WaVe East Coast)



People's Association PAssion WaVe @ Marina Bay 11 Rhu Cross #01-01, Singapore

How to get there?

  • PAssion WaVe @ Marina Bay

11 Rhu Cross, #01-01, Singapore 437440

  • PAssion WaVe @ Lower Seletar Reservoir

100 Yishun Avenue 1, Singapore 769140

  • PAssion WaVe @ Pasir Ris

125 Elias Road, Singapore 519926

  • PAssion WaVe @ Sembawang

60 Jalan Mempurong, Singapore 759058

  • PAssion WaVe @ East Coast

1390 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 468961

  • PAssion WaVe @ Jurong Lake Gardens

100 Yuan Ching Road, Singapore 618662