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Mini Movers @ Rhythm In Me

Mini Movers 


Mini Movers 1 

Age: (6 months - walking)

You may wonder what such young children may achieve in a music class. It's all about involvement - parents are asked to join their babies for these sessions. A typical session includes naming songs, where each baby’s name is incorporated into a song, a baby bike-riding song or peek-a-boo scarf games. Elastic work is a feature, where a set of songs with strong rhythm is introduced. Basic songs are repeated regularly with new songs gradually incorporated into the repertoire.  Another feature of the lesson is movement and dance. Babies at this stage are not able to walk or dance on their own, so movements conveyed by parents are vital.  The music is kept simple and catchy that even very young children are able to enjoy.
As we always say, it's never too young to get started!

Mini Movers 2

Age:  walking - 18 months 

This is the age of discovery and exploration! The simple fact of the matter is - they just can’t keep still! At this stage of their musical development, we understand their desire to keep moving but are still highly dependant on their parents for emotional support. Not every child is able to move freely or independently yet, so a great deal of their movement and dance activities rely heavily on their parents. They will be encouraged to use simple percussion instruments and sing. We will focus on developing their language skills using songs, rhymes or words, not rushing through or garbling, but taking time to enunciate.

Mini Movers

Age: 18 months - 24 months 

At this age, they are beginning to enjoy their repertoire of songs and rhymes. Their language is flowing fast and they are introduced to a constant stream of new words and skills. It is little wonder that they seem to never be still, nor do they seem to stay engaged by anything for long. In the sessions, they will be singing familiar nursery rhymes - great help with the development of their reading and listening skills. In addition, they will be working with a whole selection of new material. This particular programme is about moving towards musical independence, with the support and help of their parents and teachers. They will be prepared to make use of their new found freedom. Many of the activities will help them work with other children, alleviate separation anxieties and learn to trust their teachers.

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