Rhythm In Me

Rhythm In Me

Rhythm In Me seeks to develop the whole child through engaging them musically!  


The environment Rhythm In Me provides an opportunity for skill-development in vocalizing, moving, playing, organising sounds, listening and using language to express musicality. In this supportive and engaging environment, children will develop the confidence to experiment, improvise and create music; this same confidence will enable the child to develop problem-solving skills in other areas of life. 

Rhythm In Me is a place for creative, music-dance education, the environment is stimulating, structured and filled with the wonderful spirit of play. 

All programmes of Rhythm In Me are run by educators all believe that

  • Every child has a genuine desire and ability for music and rhythm.
  • It is essential to develop confidence in a child to express his or her voice.
  • Children's creativity in music, movement and language is important and should be developed early.


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