Butterflies Up-Close

Butterflies Up-Close invites you to experience the fascinating transformation of a butterfly from an egg to a beautiful winged adult.


With only around 1 in 20 eggs making it to adulthood, the butterfly is met with numerous dangers and threats during each stage of its life cycle. You will get to gain a deeper insight on how the butterfly behaves, interacts with the surroundings, and survives each stage of its life cycle to reach adulthood.


  • Caterpillar Race

Legs first, head first, or abdomen first? Get to ‘race’ with your friend or family in this interactive game as you find out more on how the soft-bodied and flexible caterpillar moves! 

  •   Magnified Butterfly

In the adult stage, what are the roles of a butterfly’s spiky leg and scaly wings? Located within our research pod, get to observe and get a truly up-close view of real butterflies under a microscope!

  • Tilt-tilating Butterfly

Try out for yourself and see how a butterfly ‘shimmers’ as you alter the angle of light that is shining on it. Some butterflies express a phenomenon called iridescence. How can this help in its survival out in the wild?     

  • Live Butterfly Enclosure

Step into Singapore’s first and only indoor butterfly enclosure, where both humidity and temperature are carefully regulated to ensure that both plants and butterflies, sharing a close-knitted relationship, do well. Over here, you will get to come face-to-face with butterflies from Singapore and around the region. Marvel at the majestic Rice Paper butterfly as it flutter fashionably past you, witness the butterflies sipping their meals, and observe at close range and try to tell the various birdwing butterflies apart from each other.

*The number of butterflies and species vary depending on the season.

  • Finger Knit a Butterfly

Keen to learn how to finger knit a butterfly? Yes, it’s just yarn and your fingers. No needles are needed!

Join in special workshop package – visit Butterflies Up-Close*, learn the basics of finger knitting, and bring back a beautiful butterfly you knitted!


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Image Credit: Science Centre Singapore


Mon–Sun 10:00–18:00.




Adult: 16 SGD
Child (age 3 to 12) : 13 SGD


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