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Land of Giants

Land of Giants

Meet super-sized wonders this school holidays and explore a world beyond your imagination at Singapore Zoo!


Orchid Mantis

  • Daily
  • Heliconia Valley

Orchid mantises feed on pollinating insects. These hunters perch on plants and pose as flowers to lure prey closer.

Net-Casting Spider

  • Daily
  • Heliconia Valley

This spider hunts by holding its web while suspended. When a prey approaches, the spider will plunge forward with its web to net its meal!

Stalk-eyed Fly

  • Daily
  • Heliconia Valley

Female stalk-eyed flies select mates based on the width of their eyes – the wider apart the eyes, the sexier the male.

Lime Butterfly

  • Daily
  • Heliconia Valley

The caterpillars of the lime butterfly feeds on the leaves of lime plants. At the early stages, they look like bird droppings for camouflages but turn to bright green as they grow.

Thorn Bug

  • Daily
  • Heliconia Valley

These bugs look like thorns to confuse enemies. When predators such as wasps approach the nymphs, they produce a sound to alert mummy for protection.

Little Beast Encounters

  • 11.00am, 1.30pm & 4.00pm
  • Fragile Forest

Get hands on and meet a different invertebrate during a mystery encounter! It could be a cave forest cockroach, stick insect or an adorable caterpillar.

Bug Explorer Trail

  • Daily
  • Singapore Zoo Entrance

Want to be a bug explorer? Set off on an adventure and get to know the amazing abilities of insects. Complete the trail sheet to receive a set of Magic Goggles to spot the masters of disguise.

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Credit: image of Singapore Zoo


1 May - 31 May, See the website for the opening hours.




Adult: 33 SGD
Child (3 to 12 years old): 22 SGD



80 Mandai Lake Road , Singapore 729826