Programmes @The Music Studios

Programmes @The Music Studios

The Music Studios is a collective of dedicated music educators founded by pianist Dr. Khoo Hui Ling.



Piano Performance Programme

Students attend WEEKLY INDIVIDUAL LESSONS with a Music Studios teacher: Ms. Arlene Chng, Ms. Gracia Teow, Ms. Kristy Man, Mr. Jerison Lee, Ms. Low Zhi Min or Ms. Yee Yun Ying. These lessons integrate technique building, exploration of repertoire, theory and musicianship. Emphasis is placed on character building and helping students develop learning strategies.

QUARTERLY MASTERCLASSES are occasions when students perform for each other and are coached by Dr. Khoo Hui Ling, Ms. Gracia Teow or Ms. Yee Yun Ying. Students meet fellow music-lovers in a safe and friendly environment, where they learn about performance preparation and piano repertoire. Have sneak peek into what a masterclass is like:

  • FREQUENT PUBLIC PERFORMANCES and EXAMINATION PREPARATION develop confidence in self-expression and resilience.
  • We also have our own creative IN-HOUSE ASSESSMENTS specially designed for students who may not want to pursue examinations but would still like a goal to work towards to. 
  • This programme is suitable for piano students of all ages from the beginner to early advanced level.

​Advanced Piano Performance Programme

This is a programme for advanced students taught Dr. Khoo Hui Ling, Ms. Gracia Teow and Ms. Yee Yun Ying, offering WEEKLY INDIVIDUAL LESSONS, MONTHLY MASTERCLASSES, FREQUENT PUBLIC PERFORMANCES and EXAMINATION PREPARATION.

This is AN INTENSIVE PROGRAMME that integrates technique building, exploration of repertoire and theory and musicianship at a high level. Students may be considering taking on more challenging examination grades, participating in music festivals or competitions, taking music as an examinable subject in schools, auditioning as a music major at college level or simply seeking to push their limits for the love of music.

Music Appreciation Programme: Tales with Tunes

This is a programme that cultivates an appreciation for music through STORYTELLING. It will be a fiery, magical and hilarious adventure that not only stirs the imagination but helps our little ones discover more about basic elements of music.

It is a PUBLIC PROGRAMME; we welcome students who are not currently enrolled with The Music Studios. ​

Each session has INTERACTIVE AND IMPROVISATORY ACTIVITIES specially designed to develop a discerning ear.​

These sessions are suitable young or total beginners aged 4-6 YEARS OLD. It is a PRELUDE TO OUR KINDERBOOGIE PROGRAMME.

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Mon–Sun 08:00–17:00.