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Ultimate PSLE English Preparation Course @The Write Tribe

Ultimate PSLE English Preparation Course @The Write Tribe

How ready is your child for PSLE ENGLISH EXAM? No time for weekly lessons? Certain components of the ENGLISH EXAM is pulling your child’s marks down? Your child needs specialised attention for weak areas? Prefer an AD-HOC programme where our HIGHLY QUALIFIED/NIE TRAINED teachers analyse, mark and give your child INDIVIDUALISED FEEDBACK and DETAILED NOTES?

This is why we divided Paper 2 into various segments so your child can truly strengthen the areas that need most attention. Our mini programmes cover different areas of English Paper 2. Not only do we explain why the right answers are right, but also why the wrong answers are incorrect. Pupils will have a better understanding and not make the same mistakes again. Most importantly, by studying effectively, they free up time for subjects that need more attention.


  • Pick any area of ENGLISH PAPER 2 your child needs to focus more on.
  • We send you the QUESTION SET
  • Your child completes it and SUBMITS via email it back to us.
  • 5 to 7 days TURNAROUND.
  • Our HIGHLY QUALIFIED teachers will grade your child's work according to the PSLE MARKING SCHEME and send it back to you with constructive feedback explaining what the correct answers should be.
  • Followed by a 30 minute LIVE ZOOM consultation where our teacher clears any doubts and explains each mistake your child had made throughout the question set.
  • You can choose as many sessions as needed. For students taking multiple sessions, our teachers will give you an understanding of how your child has been progressing.

Choose from any of the Mini Programmes available

  • PSLE Grammar MCQ (300 grammar Qn Drills)
  • PSLE Vocabulary MCQ (300 Vocal Qn Drills)
  • Cloze Passage Mastery (90 passages - Grammar/Vocab/Compre)
  • Visual Text Comprehension (50 Visual texts)
  • Editing for Spelling and Grammar (over 100 exercises)
  • Synthesis + Transformation (360 qns)
  • Comprehension Open (20 challenging sets)
  • Mock Exam Papers (10 challenging papers)

People imagine that straight - A students spend hours studying. Research shows that highly successful students spend less time but just study more effectively. Studying effectively happens when students try out practices, understand where they went wrong, and improve in subsequent exercises

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