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Bringing you the joys of hands-on learning while you create, discoverand explore. Designed primarily for children between the ages of 5 to 10, Thinkasaur strives to bring back the wonders of do-it-yourself fun by providing a monthly subscription-based service that delivers boxes packed with science experiments straight to your doorsteps!

Inspire kids to love science with Thinkasaur​!

How about having everything your kid needs for do-it-yourself scientific experiments delivered right to your doorstep?

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To serve as a source for children to gain critical thinking, innovation and problem solving skills and to ignite their curiosity and love for discovery and creativity through science-based hands-on activities that don’t compromise on fun! 


Experiments are put through a rigorous inspection process whereby the experts ensure that content enables maximum learning potential while retaining a maximum amount of fun! Experiments are also put through numerous safety tests to ensure that they’re safe for children to conduct.

Children first follow an easy step-by-step pictorial instruction sheets to conduct the experiments, and can then further their knowledge by immersing themselves in the learning guide. It’s packed with fun facts and information about the science behind the different experiments, quizzes and extra experiments for them to try on their own

How Thinkasaur Helps

  • It's Time Efficient

You no longer have to spend hours searching the internet for child-friendly experiments and spend time searching for ingredients around the house as Thinkasaur provides everything your child will need to conduct the experiments!

  • It's Cost Effective

Each box comes with 3 to 4 experiments revolving around a specific theme that simultaneously allows your children to be entertained for hours, as well as gain a deeper understanding of different scientific topics!

  • It's Hassle-Free

 Ordering from the website is super simple and Thinkasaur's boxes are delivered straight to your doorstep every month without you having to lift a finger!