Xtreme Skatepark @ East Coast

The first and only skate park in Singapore of world class competition standards


Xtreme SkatePark is a joint project by National Parks Board (NParks), the National Youth Council (NYC) and the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS).

Located at the energy zone (Areas E, F and G) of East Coast Park. This makes it the prime location for the competition which will see top athletes in the extreme sports fraternity from around the region competing.

The skate park is opened to the public from 7.30 am to 10 pm daily unless there is a hosted event.

Opening hours

Mon–Sun 07:30–22:00.





E Coast Park Service Road, Singapore 449876

How to get there?

Nearest Bus stops:

92289 (Regent Bowl), 92191 (Opp CP C3), 92199 (Marine Cove), 93181 (Opp CP C4), 93189 (Opp Victoria JC), 93179 (Island Resort S’pore), 93171 (Opp Island Resort S’pore), 93169 (Bef CP D5), 93161 (Opp Pond), 93159 (Cable Ski Pk), 93151 (Opp Cable Ski Park), 92251 (Opp Singa Inn), 92261 (Opp Playground @ Big Splash), 91101 (Tg Katong Flyover), 91111 (CP B1)