Little Miss Macarons

Little Miss Macarons is a Hong Kong brand with local craftsmanship and a passion for creating fresh macarons tailored for home city, Hong Kong.


Little Miss Macarons was started by Anita, a mum of a wonderful 9-year-old boy. 6 years ago, based on a recipe found on an Internet blog, the first batch of macarons were baked in cozy kitchen at home and it was Little Miss Macarons' beginning!

Two years ago, with Anita's family help, baking under Little Miss Macarons brand for wholesale and for a number of amazing events and weddings was started. Today, Little Miss Macarons has a new passion for hosting private baking classes and sharing its skills with people who love to create something amazing.

Most of the time of the day the team is dreaming about what they can create and impress a palette. It could be for a unique flavour for a macaron or something gluten free and loving for your husband and kids!

So, this is Little Miss Macarons' brand founded by a passionate home baker mum (and occasionally the head cook of the family), that hasn't ever stopped experimenting with food!


Image Credit: Little Miss Macarons


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