Bubble waffle workshop

Bubble waffle workshop

 An egg waffle is a spherical egg-based waffle popular in Hong Kong, and is an eggy leavened batter cooked between two plates of semi-spherical cells.


 Egg waffleS are made from a sweet, egg-rich batter that is cooked on a hot griddle, a special frying pan with small round cells (resembling an æbleskiver pan but with a higher number of smaller round cells). The griddle is set on hot coals in the fire, up to this day, Egg waffles are more commonly on an electrical heater. Now In Sai Yuen, charcoal grilled egg waffles can be make by yourself, let’s make a taste of the most authentic and the most traditional egg waffle . 

  • Suitable for: adults & kids
  • Operating Hour: Upon booking
  • Duration per Session: 45 – 60 mins
  • Location: Farm Land
  • Fee: HK$ 180 
  • Tel: +(852) 2666 9556


Image Credit: Sai Yuen - Camping & Adventure Park


16 六月 2022 - 1 六月 2023, 瀏覽這個網站查看開放時間.




Fee: 180 港元


+(852) 2666 9556



西園 長洲 西灣 DD CC Lot 12


從中環 5 號碼頭乘坐渡輪抵達長洲,然後可以選擇以步行、踏單車或乘街渡前住西園。

  • 步 行

從長洲碼頭往右邊直路走至長洲街市。接著沿海傍「長洲西堤路」往西灣方向走至盡頭,看到「快樂士多」即可左轉上「贊端路」。於斜路頂端看到西園的大紅色趟籠門便到。全程步行約 15 至 20 分鐘。

  • 單 車


西園場內提供有限收費單車泊位  (三輪車除外)。

  • 街 渡

從長洲碼頭右旁之公眾碼頭 (白色陽篷下),乘坐「華勝街渡」至「西灣碼頭 ∕ 張保仔洞」(費用約 HKD 5 元,行船約 5 分鐘),由西灣碼頭左接「贊端路」途經「西堤路」大牌坊及「美經援村」,上斜見西園的大紅色趟籠門便到。行程約 4 分鐘。