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Family Yoga Class

Family Yoga Class

Family yoga is a great chance to connect with your children and partner in a brand new way and on a deep level!


While we go on a journey together, we will be exploring yoga poses through stories and visuals, wandering through forests, beaches and on hot air balloons! We also introduce age appropriate mindfulness and meditation. These techniques can help improve memory and focus, reduce stress and increase mindfulness. Classes teach children to go out of their comfort zone, learn to love themselves and their bodies and to confidently approach life in a non-competitive environment, as well as seeing their parents in a new light. 

The class is suitable for all ages under 12.

About the instructor: Kate Sheikh is a Co-Founder of Soul Space, a Vinyasa, Yin and Childrens & Family Yoga Teacher and Mindful Eating Coach. Working with families and children has become her main focus since the birth of her two children, and she works with schools and universities all over Dubai. 

Package is for a maximum family size 4 any additional members will be charged 30 per person on the day of the event.



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Fee: 110 AED

Telephone number

+971 56 5256500
+971 3 7838422



Abu Dhabi
Al Shuwaib, Al Ain