Online Academy @ Geek Express

Online Academy @ Geek Express

The Online Academy provides one-on-one private live sessions for kids and teens (Starting age 7).


You get a first-rate Computer Science education anytime and anywhere in a fun project-based approach that has been specifically tailored for you. Book and attend your coding sessions once or twice a week at the time and date of your choice!

With our multilingual teachers, you complete your live coding courses and get certified in no time.

To get started, you need to:

  • Schedule your free trial session
  • Meet with a Geek Express certified instructor
  • Book your recommended course and choose the convenient start date and recurring time
  • Start coding

Our Sessions:

  • Intro to App
  • Video Game Design
  • Javascript with Woof JS
  • App Development
  • Modding with Minecraft
  • Arduini with Mblock
  • Web design
  • Intro to Microcontrollers
  • Web Development
  • Learning Python
  • Data Science with Python
  • Artificial Intelligence with Python


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Mon–Sun 09:00–18:00.



Telephone number

+971 58 540 2810



Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi AE