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Peter Pan Adventures @ Dalma Mall

Peter Pan Adventures @ Dalma Mall

Dalma Mall Summer Fiesta 2019 brings you the best of the season’s entertainment and action starting the 1st weekend of August 2019.


Presenting the pantomime “Peter Pan Adventures” on 1st – 3rd August, as a part of Summer Fiesta at Dalma Mall.

Peter Pan meets Tiger Lilly who tells him a big secret- there is a fairy trapped deep inside the forest, who can do magic. And they need to set her free, because she is making brave and good wishes come true. They both start a dangerous journey to find the fairy but to their dismay they meet the lands worst enemies- THE pirates.

The Pirates want to reach the fairy first so that they can make her work for them and through the magic ruin the harmony of the kingdom.

However brave Peter and tiger Lilly challenge pirates into a game battle and win it.

Together they set her free and fairy explains that everything we need for a wish to come true lies inside us and everyone has good magic in them and the importance of friendship and helping the others how it can unleash magic through kindness and smiles.

Location: Main Atrium


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