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Toddler Sense @ Dubai Polo Club

Toddler Sense @ Dubai Polo Club

Toddler Sense – where adventure happens

For all the swirling, twirling, whirling toddlers out there, who love transforming living rooms into climbing paradises and parents’ favourite shoes into skis.

 Toddler Sense – a magical place for children, where learning and play go hand in hand with imagination and adventure!

Toddlers want to discover the world for themselves and they learn best when given the opportunity to move and explore – their minds are buzzing with enquiry. The exciting, fast-moving, action-packed program is designed to stimulate the brain development, as well as the socio-emotional, communication and motor skills.

Toddler Sense is built on a bedrock of research, and all activities included in the program, just as the structure of the class, have been well thought through. The structure of the sessions will help prepare the children for school.

Toddler Sense brings together sensory play, movement, imaginary play, a large repertoire of classical music, nursery rhymes as well as jazz, pop, rock, dances from dierent cultures, and a large variety of props. Much of the carefully selected equipment and many of the songs are unique to Toddler Sense.

Parents and children are always surprised by the variety of our equipment: bouncy castles, disco lights, snow machines, bouncy horses, giant foam shapes and balancing beams: if we put all equipment together it would probably fill a football stadium.

Each week has a unique theme, and, with 78 different lesson plans, children and parents will experience a different session each time.

Parents (or caregivers) join toddlers during the classes and their presence is extremely beneficial for the development of children. Spending time together helps children raise their self-esteem and emotional stability, since they will find encouragement, praise and reassurance for their actions.

Each Toddler Sense session has two phases, which combine the freedom to explore, with the need to introduce structure and routine to toddlers: exploratory play time and group activities.

During the exploratory playtime, toddlers run, climb, crawl, bounce, balance and jump in our unique play area. Children exercise their gross motor skills, interact with each other, take decisions with respect to what interests them and what equipment they want to try out, and learn important social skills such as turn-taking, sharing, negotiation and collaboration.

The structured activities offer a place rich in sensory stimulation and wonder, which stimulate the toddlers’ development in many ways: socio-emotional, cognitive and sensory development, imagination, creativity, language skills, fine motor skills.

Activities include puppet shows, light shows, music and movement, action songs, rhymes, dancing, clapping and patting games, colouring, sports games, treasure hunts and much more. Sessions include imaginary games such as exploring a spaceship, climbing snow mountains, riding on trains, sailing a pirate ship, hunting for dinosaurs etc.

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Al Qudra Road, Opposite Arabian Ranches, next to Studio City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates