8 Ways to Motivate Online School Students at Home - Online School Tips

Published 23 June 2022 at 14:19

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8 Ways to Motivate Online School Students at Home - Online School Tips

The online schooling trend has grown in popularity over the last few years. This transition has opened up new avenues for students to learn more effectively through virtual learning methods. Furthermore, it has lowered the hurdles to learning.

Back in the year 2019, 55% of high school students in the United States used digital learning tools outside the school every day. And post the outbreak of the pandemic, this trend has picked up at a lightning-quick pace.

Like any other medium, online schools too have their own pros and cons. But one aspect that is often held against this educational choice, is the difficulty of keeping students motivated while learning at home.

Easy Ways to Motivate & Inspire Online School Students at Home

1. Creating the Ideal Learning Environment

Nothing can beat the power of a good learning environment where the child can look forward to exploring new things and thriving confidently. A well-created study corner can create this magic and drive better academic results. Keep the study corner free of clutter. And ensure that the supplies are handy. It is also a good idea to experiment creatively, so you can always try decorating the corner with posters and inspirational quotes.

Children learn best when they are comfortable with the environment around them. And it’s not that difficult to maintain the right ambiance to keep the students motivated. Avoid excessive noise during study hours and try to keep the corner well-lit and gadget-free along with a comfortable seating arrangement.

2. Making Realistic Schedules

Overdoing and Over-skipping learning schedules can hamper a child’s learning. Help the child by creating realistic schedules. And allow enough time for leisure/recreation to support the child’s motivation level. Following schedules creates a positive mindset to learn. And this helps students to stay motivated throughout their learning process.

Creating a home-based study schedule is easier if your online school can assist you in this planning process. You can reach out to your school and discover more about creating a practical study schedule that aligns well with your online classes. Broadly, you need to manage the break time and align timings for courses as per the child’s interests. Try to keep the less interesting topics strategically during the most productive hours. This will channel the child’s energy, and help in keeping the day’s study load balanced and manageable.

3. Incorporating Activities

Extracurricular activities improve academic success (As per the NCES, National Center for Educational Statistics - U.S Department of Education). These are excellent opportunities for students to apply their acquired skills in a real-world context. And boost the overall engagement. Active learning opportunities are perfect to keep children motivated. So get your child involved in fun physical activities, and extracurriculars like music, sports, arts, etc. to help him/her to keep going.

4. Including Them in the Process

Another golden rule to keep the child motivated is to involve him/her in the learning process. Allow your child to share inputs. And take suggestions while planning the weekly/monthly schedules. When children participate in the decision-making process, they turn out to be more productive and motivated to learn. Use these opportunities to your advantage and involve the young learner in the planning phases as much as you can.

5. Implementing Reinforcement Techniques

BF Skinner’s Reinforcement Theory is a tried and tested method of shaping behavior. Reinforce your child’s behavior with rewards (like stickers, badges, stars, and chocolates). And do not forget to appreciate the child for all genuine attempts. Your child spends a lot of time with you during online schooling. And this extends more opportunities for reinforcing desirable behavior through various techniques. Do you know that non-verbal clues can also do wonders for the child?

Your smile, thumbs up and nods can never go wrong in motivating the child. So go ahead and use these techniques to motivate the child.

6. Encouraging Independent Learning

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Have you ever noticed how your child feels motivated while performing tasks independently?

Too much reliance on parental assistance hampers the child’s ability to make mistakes and learn from them. Let your child work in your presence initially, and encourage independent learning going forward.

With a reliable online schooling platform, you can monitor your child’s performance closely without investing too much time. The automated mechanisms of top online schools offer advanced options to gauge the student’s learning progress. This can simplify the task of supervising the child’s independent learning duration. In addition, this will help the child to work towards the academic gaps.

7. Developing Critical Thinking

Studies have proved a positive correlation between critical thinking and motivation. This holds true for our kids as well. Critical thinking encourages creativity and inspires children to stay motivated. Give your child enough opportunities to think critically. It is also a fantastic idea to encourage the child to come up with more than one solution for a given problem. Our modern-day educational platforms focus on critical and lateral thinking. This is an excellent way to drive motivation in a child. Because the child looks for answers actively and stays motivated to jot down conclusions.

8. Choosing the Best Platform to Assist You

Online schooling can be highly rewarding if you choose the right online school for your child. This can add the missing dimensions of student-centricity, a tailed educational plan, and offers impeccable pacing options. With an array of great schooling platforms, parents have an opportunity of a lifetime to craft a promising future for their children. You can discover the benefits of online school that helps us make the most out of online learning.

Online Schooling Can Create a Perfect Learning Space for Your Loved One!

In this digitally driven world, academic schooling opportunities are no more restricted to the four walls of a physical classroom! We are now in an era of endless possibilities. And the best educational choices are readily available through digital learning for our younger generations.

Hope, you are now convinced that it is possible to motivate online school students through practical tips and strategies. So try using these and enjoy your child’s joyous virtual schooling journey!

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