5 Tips to Welcome Your Child in This World as Space Lover Parents

Published 23 March 2023 at 18:32

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5 Tips to Welcome Your Child in This World as Space Lover Parents

From decorating the baby’s room to picking a name, space-loving parents want everything space-themed. Instead of hanging just a WELCOME banner on the wall, let’s see what we can do to bring sparkling stars all over your home to welcome the little angel.

We have included 5 outstanding welcome tips for parents who are looking for ideas, anything and everything on space themed.

Regardless of what you are opting for – a room full of rockets, soft stargazing, only the moonlight, or the whole galaxy – we have included several nursery décor and gift ideas so that you can pick your favorite one.

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Tip 01: Pick a Name First:

If you are wondering where to start your baby’s journey to space, the good idea is to pick a name for the baby first. It can also strengthen your bond as parents as this might be the first decision you must make as a parent.

You can choose the baby’s name inspired by the moon or different stars. Another way of looking for a name can depend on the Zodiac.  

Find out which star is the constellation or sign ruler for your baby’s zodiac as per their birth date. For example, Jupiter is the sign ruler for Sagittarius, so you can name your Sagittarius son Jupiter.

Tip 2: Décor the Nursery:

It’s time to decide on the theme of the nursery. Here’s what you can choose from:

Choose A Theme for The Nursery:

First, let’s choose a theme for the bedroom of your baby and the new parents so that you can decide on the color pallet and other decorative items.

  • Astronaut:

Let your kid grow up with the dream of becoming an astronaut. If they wake up in the middle of the night, there will be calming interstellar inspirations for them to dream again.

You can add action figures, printed blankets, pillows, and wallpaper.

  • Spaceship:

Why not add a little bit of adventure to the room? Draw or apply wallpaper with a spaceship with blinking stars and galaxies far away. You can also use extra props all over the room, for example, small spacecraft, helmets, and solar system samples to hang from the ceiling. 

  • Solar System:

In this theme, you’ll feel like floating in space while safely holding your baby in your arms. The setup will need starry-sky lights and solar system wallpapers.

  • Constellation Wall:

Looking at the millions of stars in the sky, the most exciting activity is finding the constellations. So, how about you and your kid look at the walls of your room and start learning about them from a very early age?

It is a great theme that will give you the feeling of stargazing and the bliss of the stars.

You can choose from Retro space, Full moon, or the whole Galaxy theme. 

Choose Props:

To complement the theme you choose, you can add small props and toys in the room for the baby to look at and play with.

However, make sure the props are made with kid-friendly materials. You must know the handy tips for parents to learn how to choose safe products for their baby.  

Choose props that you can hang from the ceiling or in a baby crib. Spaceships, rockets, planets, stars, and figures of astronauts wearing spacesuits may be on the list of props.

Printing the blankets in the same theme or adding some star or moon-shaped pillows is a great idea.

Choose Lighting:

When you have lots of plans in your mind and less time to execute them, it is better to keep things as simple as possible. When decorating your kid’s room, you can apply the space theme just by installing the lights. It will save you from painting the walls or applying any wallpaper.

You can pick your favorite one from the following: 

  • Starry Sky Laser bulbs:

These bulbs are easy to install and provide dazzling red, blue, and green lights similar to the stars of the sky.  

  • Portable Starry sky USB lights:

The portable lights will help calm your baby when you are on the move. Although it is a piece of common advice for young parents not to take newborn babies outside the home, you may need to visit a different place for a few days with the baby.

A portable starry sky USB light may come in handy in this situation.

  • Smart LED light:

LED lights are the top priority as they have different features, and you can control them to change color. They are most soothing to the eyes and produce less heat.

You can pick the blue lights to induce the interstellar expanse.  

Tip 03: Buy Space-themed Outfits:

Now that you have decorated the nursery with all the stars and moons of the space, why not bring a few of the stars to the dress of the baby?

You can shop online, and you must look for a baby sleepsuit (a white one just like the astronauts of NASA), a blue flutter dress, a planet or space romper, a skirt with rockets, or a twirler t-shirt dress, a baby Onesie or Astronaut costume bodysuit.

Some online shopping shops may also help you to personalize the dresses. And you can customize the design and add the baby's lettering or name. For example, you can write, Just Landed, From the Stars, I Need My Space, etc.

Tip 04: Choose a Track:

Alright! So, you are ready to welcome the baby with the new décor, dresses, and crib. But do you think the welcoming party is complete without music? Of course not.

Download a few tracks, particularly space songs, for kids to welcome your baby. You can also try playing the soothing tracks while the baby is sleeping.

It can be ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,’ ‘Planets Song’ by the Singing Walrus, ‘Zoom, Zoom, We’re Going to the Moon,’ or Lullaby about the moon, stars, planets, and space.

Tip 05: Read About Constellations:

Do you know your baby can hear your sound even in the womb at around six to seven months? If you love reading books, you can read to your baby about the constellations and the solar system.

Some of the fun-to-read books are:

  • Goodnight, Astronaut by Scott Kelly,
  • There’s no Place like Space by Tish Rabe,
  • Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle,
  • There Was a Black Hole That Swallowed the Universe by Chris Ferrie, or
  • Solar System by Jill McDonald. 


To make the experience of welcoming your newborn baby into your world memorable, you can follow any of the ideas mentioned in this article as space-loving parents. Adding customized ideas to the decor is always appreciable to make it more unique and close to heart.

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