6 Rules On How To Prolong The Freshness Of Cut Flowers

Published 26 July 2023 at 13:00

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6 Rules On How To Prolong The Freshness Of Cut Flowers

Everyone wants a gift or purchased flower to last as long as possible and to be a joy to the eye in its vitality and beauty. However, like all living plants, cut flowers require a certain amount of care. Changing the water alone won't be enough - so you can make sure your arrangement retains its vibrant hues for as long as possible, make use of our bouquet care tips. Warsaw is a great city when it comes to flower delivery. With Flowwow, for instance, it's easy to order fresh, fragrant flowers Dubai at great prices.

We cut everything you don't need!

The very first step after getting your coveted bouquet is to remove unwanted leaves and inflorescences. Anything which has already wilted or rotted off should be removed before putting the flowers in a vase. It's also important to remove any leaves that are below the water level, otherwise they will serve as food for bacteria, accelerating wilting.

Flowers need a warm bath too!

Remember how lively you feel after a hot shower! Flowers also like warm water and they open up in all their glory much quicker if you briefly place them in a container of warm or slightly hot water. Please note that this method is only suitable for unopened or already slightly wilted buds.


Why do cut flowers wilt? Because of poor hygiene!

In many cases, the reason for the short life of even the most resilient bouquet is due to poor hygiene, which causes the growth of harmful bacteria. To keep your flowers fresh for a long time, rinse the vase well before use and change the water at least once every two days. Pruning the stems also helps control bacteria.

What shouldn't we forget? Regularity!

Consistency of care is one of the most key rules when caring for cut flowers. Try to set aside time to care for your bouquet every two to three days to help your plants stay fresh.

Keep an eye on the temperature!

An important detail which is often overlooked is the temperature of the environment. Cut flowers are rather picky about heat and will wilt much faster near a heating source or in direct sunlight. The ideal temperature is slightly cool, around +18 degrees.

Don't forget to change the water!

Our final advice is: Water, water and water again! It is from the liquid that flowers get all their nutrients; if water is changed infrequently, the bouquet simply has nowhere to get the energy it needs. For maximum effect, add a nutrient mix to the water.

Credit Image: Flowwow


What water is best to keep the flowers in?

Cut flowers prefer settled water at room temperature. It's a good idea to let the water stand for a couple of days before pouring it into a vase.

How long will cut flowers last?

With a little attention, your bouquet will surprise you with its vitality for around 5 to 7 days. The record-breaking cut flower survivor is the chrysanthemum, which keeps its amazing appearance for up to 3 weeks. 

Do cut flowers need light?

Yes, cut flowers still need light, but it has to be diffused. Never leave a bunch of flowers in direct sunlight.

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