Top 10 Foods to Enhance Fertility

Published 11 February 2019 at 17:05

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Top 10 Foods to Enhance Fertility

Fertility is a hot topic the world over. An estimated 10% of the couples in Dubai are reported to have fertility issues within the course of their marriage. When it comes to improving fertility, most people imagine sophisticated diagnostic testing or powerful medications.

However, have you tried foods to enhance fertility? Foods are used for nutritional benefits, in the same way, you can use them as a fertility catalyst.

Top Foods to Enhance Fertility

With great nutrients galore, here are some of the foods to enhance fertility:

      1. Garlic

      If foods to enhance fertility were to come up with a king, then it would have to be garlic! Take it from us. It contains an essential nutrient called allicin which protects sperm from damage while increasing the blood flow to the reproductive organs. Selenium, which is a powerful antioxidant improves sperm quality and motility while vitamin B6 and C which are also superfluous in garlic eliminate chromosomal defects.

      2. Lentils and Black Beans

      Plant-based proteins - abundant in beans and lentils - are far more critical to reproductive health than animal-based proteins. Studies have found that women who consume lots of plant-based proteins as foods to enhance fertility are less likely to experience ovulation problems and have better reproductive health in general.

      3. Dark Chocolate

      Dark chocolates with high cocoa content say 70% and more are incredibly nutritious foods to enhance fertility. Some of the nutrients abundant in dark chocolate, mainly the amino acids, have been known to have antioxidants and doubles sperm count and semen density. Flavonoid and arginine in dark chocolate boost a woman’s moods and increase blood flow to the uterus. In addition to all this, it also lowers stress which negatively affects fertility.

      4. Oysters

      By far, oysters are the most popular and widely used foods to enhance fertility and for good merit too. They are stacked with fertility-boosting nutrients like iron, vitamin B12 and of course, high amounts of zinc. Another huge selling point for oysters is that they are low-calorie foods. This is especially important since being overweight adversely affects fertility in men and especially women.

      5. Asparagus

      Asparaguses are low calorie, and nutrient jammed foods to enhance fertility in both men and women. It is important to note that canned asparagus will not have the desired result since it is extremely salted. Go for low sodium, well-cooked asparagus. Its nutrients like vitamin A, C, and B work wonders with regards to fertility, sperm and egg motility. Asparagus also teems with folic acid which helps reduce ovulation complications.

      6. Mature Cheese

      The reason why mature cheese makes this list of foods to enhance fertility is because of the abundance of the naturally occurring nutrient polyamine. Polyamine plays an important role in reproductive health in that boosts sperm and egg health – especially for women who are fast approaching menopause.

      7. Sunflower Seeds

      Sunflowers are not only beautiful to look at but also gives us seeds that rank as one of the best foods to enhance fertility. Sunflower seeds have long been used as foods to enhance fertility and with good reason too. They boost the sperm count, sperm motility and further improves in DNA fragmentation – this is the breakdown or separation of DNA strands. Sunflower seeds also contain nutrients like selenium, zinc, vitamin E and omega 3 & 6 that help with fertility.

      8. Cooked Tomatoes

      When it comes to foods to enhance fertility, you can’t afford to leave out cooked tomatoes. They contain the powerful antioxidant lycopene which works wonders when it comes to male fertility. Supplementation upwards of 6 mg of lycopene per day for 12 months has been known to increase fertility for both sexes hence improving the chances of pregnancy. It is noteworthy that even though the nutrient lycopene is abundant in raw tomatoes; the quantity of lycopene doubles in cooked tomatoes making it one of the best foods to enhance fertility. You can incorporate the tomatoes in other meals or in the form of tomato soup or sauce.

      9. Cow Liver

      Cow liver has for long been one of the top foods to enhance fertility because of its nutritional content. The abundance of coenzyme Q10 in cow liver improves the egg quality in women at the same time it boosts sperm motility. Cow liver is also known to contain choline which is a sort of elixir to unborn infants. Diets high in choline reduce the chances of congenital disabilities by up to 10%.

      10. Full Fat Yogurt

      Do not let the word fat scare you away. These are the good fats. Full-fat dairy products especially yogurt are one of the most effective foods to enhance fertility. Full-Fat yogurt reduces ovulation related complications in women and complements reproductive health.

      Trying for a baby is not always about the bedroom business. The type of food you choose also has a great effect on the baby-making process.

      Want to increase your chance of getting a child? Why not change your dietary habits by trying these top foods to enhance fertility?

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