TickiKids Guide: Classes for Babies and Toddlers in Dubai

Published 01 December 2023 at 10:00

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TickiKids Guide: Classes for Babies and Toddlers in Dubai

It is never too early to start learning! Introducing your baby to new sounds, colors, tactual sensations is not just a way to keep her entertained. It is a real boost of cognitive, physical, and emotional development for your little genius. And baby classes with light, calm and safe environments are the viable option to start the educational process. 

Apart from many benefits for health and forwardness of a child, baby classes are the places where parents and children can spend some time together without distractions. And the very possibility of getting out of four walls of the house, traveling to new locations, good old human interactions sounds so invitingly. Ah, what can be more refreshing for a new mom than to see and chat with someone older than three months?

In this round-up, we have selected some great baby classes in Dubai. These places can boost the development of your little one and serve as a breath of fresh air to the new parents who often live a secluded life!

Mini Explorers

Image Credit: Mini Explorers

The early days of parenthood are a joyous but at times an overwhelming experience. Young parents usually have neither the time nor the understanding to undertake thorough research into a complex topic rooted in neuroscience and developmental psychology. And that’s where Mini Explorers steps in and through a combination of research and hands-on experience has built a Sensory program that supports healthy growth and learning during this critical stage of early childhood. Mini Explorers, one of the UAE’s leading child sensory development companies, offers multi-sensory adventure-led learning for babies and toddlers (and their parents too!). The company's experts have prepared a specialist and unique program filled with exploration, adventure, and fun. They know how to create a safe environment for little ones to explore and they add to the fun and learning by travelling to new and exciting destinations every week. Think Amazon, Antartica, or New York to name but a few and you start to get the picture! Whether these are educational games science experiments for toddlers or gentle sensory activities for babies, every activity selected for your little one is age-appropriate and makes for the perfect bonding experience between parent and child. 

Mini Baby Sessions (0-6 months) is a gentle sensory program that helps develop motor skills and strengthen visual, physical, and emotional development.

Baby Sessions (7-13 months) create a safe and encouraging environment where babies discover the world around them through sounds, textures, smells, and sights which contribute to all-round development.

Toddler Sessions (14-36 months) As they grow this is the perfect place for your little ones to discover the world around them. These sessions are focussed on overall development with an emphasis on social interaction & team building; whilst developing motor skills, language skills, emotional regulation, and confidence building.

These sessions can also be of great help to parents. Firstly, they learn the developmental milestones of their children and what activities they can do with their kids at home. It is also a great chance to get out of the house and meet other parents in the neighborhood with children of the same age. And as Mini Explorers believes that all parents should have the opportunity to experience their classes firsthand without financial commitment it extends a free trial to all first-time visitors. 

Age: 0 - 36 months.

Timing: 40 minutes of instructor-led activities & 20 minutes of messy/creative play.

Contacts: +971 58 550 9256 / +971 58 524 2585.

Fees: 120 AED per class or 450 AED for a 5-class package.

Socials: InstagramWebsite.


  • Cheeky Monkeys - Arabian Ranches 2 Leisure Centre.
  • Cheeky Monkeys - Downtown Residence Boulevard II.
  • Playtorium - Meadows Village.
  • Candy Floss - Andalus Centro, Jumeirah Golf Estates.
  • TakaTaka – Golden Mile Galleria The Palm Jumeirah.
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The Bright Minds Institute

Image Credit: The Bright Minds Institute

Ensuring the holistic development of children is a top priority for parents and caregivers. As children grow and explore the world around them, it is crucial to provide them with opportunities to learn and develop their skills. That's where The Bright Minds Institute, an enrichment program specifically designed for children aged 6 months to 5 years old comes into play.

Their signature enrichment program is Whole Brain Training, a unique form of accelerated learning that offers a structured environment where children can engage in various activities that promote their cognitive, social, and emotional development. This program is carefully crafted to create an optimal learning experience that ensures development of the high-speed information processing ability, improves numeracy and linguistic skills, prolongs attention span, and strengthens photographic memory. 

The enrichment program focuses on stimulating a child's cognitive abilities. Activities such as storytelling, puzzles, and memory games are designed to enhance their problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and creativity. By engaging in age-appropriate activities, children can develop a strong foundation for future academic success.

When considering an enrichment program for children aged 6 months to 5 years old, it is important to look for classes that are led by qualified and experienced educators. These professionals have a deep understanding of child development and are passionate about their work.

The Whole Brain Training classes are conducted at Eggs and Soldiers, Time Square Center, however, there are only six spots in the group so you need to sign up in advance by making your class booking via their website: www.thebrightmindsinstitute.com.

Or, your little ones can get the same enriching experience from the comfort of your home as the teachers of The Bright Minds Institute can come to your place, bringing all the necessary materials, meaning your child will receive the most individualized developmental session possible!

Contacts: +971 56 688 0773, info@thebrightmindsinstitute.com.

Socials: Facebook, Instagram.

Location: The Bright Minds Institute, Kids HQ, Dubai

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Kids Kingdom Learning Centre and Kids Castle Nursery

Image Credit: Kids Kingdom Learning Centres and Kids Castle Nursery

Kids Kingdom Learning Centres and Kids Castle Nursery consistently deliver exceptional educational experiences, adhering to the five core principles:

  • Health and Care: Creating a secure, hygienic, and nurturing environment which is paramount for the wholesome development of the young learners.
  • Growth and Development: Children are consistently engaged in exploration and continuous learning, in a resource rich environment providing stimulating and challenging activities.
  • Parental Involvement: Practitioners actively promote parental participation in their child’s learning journey, promoting the importance for working in partnership with parents for a holistic development and learning outcomes.
  • Staff Care: A team of compassionate and qualified staff is selected which undergo in-house and external training to meet the professional development needs of the individual, along with employee engagement initiatives to promote the well being of all team members.
  • The Environment: Classrooms are spacious, well-lit and equipped with high quality resources, the environment is tranquil with a use of earthy tones and natural resources which encourages calm, expedient and curious environment for children.

We follow open-door policy that fosters transparent communication among all stakeholders and depicts a positive and welcoming environment.

Benefits of Kids Kingdom Learning Centres and Kids Castle Nursery include:

  • Curriculum and Approach: The centers adhere to the Early Years Foundation Stage British curriculum and a Reggio Emilia approach, sparking the curiosity in the child ensuring a comprehensive and internationally recognized educational approach.
  • Sustainability Initiatives and Nature Exploration: Young explorers actively participate in sustainability projects and nature walks, allowing them to appreciate and explore the nature around them and be mindful of the environment.
  • Multilingual Exposure: Children of 2 years and above are offered French and Arabic classes, promoting multilingual proficiency and cultural awareness.

Kids Kingdom and Kids Castle have a purpose-built app for daily communication keeping parents allied and updated, with an option of direct contact and feedback sharing for any concerns.

Kids Kingdom Learning Centres have established a partnership with Clarion School, offering parents valuable benefits, including a 10% discount on tuition fees, a waiver of the Student Assessment Fees amounting to 500 AED, and priority access to school events and open mornings. This collaboration aims to enhance the overall experience for families associated with Kids Kingdom Learning Centres by providing them with exclusive opportunities within the education community.

Kids Kingdom Learning centres and Kids Castle Nursery offers discount partnership for Esaad card holders across all age groups.

Age: 45 days - 5 years.

Timing: Monday-Friday: 

  • Early Drop Off between 7:30 AM – 8:00 AM;
  • EYFS Curriculum-8:00 AM – 12:30 PM;
  • Extended care with structured activities: 12:30 PM – 6:00 PM;
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed.

Children can stay for additional hours at a nominal extra charge. Parents have the option of registering their children as per their time requirements.

Kids Castle Nursery- Business Bay / Downtown- Dubai

Contact: +971 4 589 6658, +971 55 234 5108, enquiry@kidscastle.ae.

Socials: FacebookInstagram.


Kids Castle: Windsor Manor- Business Bay

Kids Kingdom Learning Centre-JLT

Contact: + +971 4 552 1585, +971 58 9728169, enquiry@kidskingdom.ae.

Socials: FacebookInstagram.


Kids Kingdom Learning Centre JLT Floor B1(Lake Level), Icon 2 Tower, Cluster L, Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

Kids Kingdom Learning Centre-IMPZ

Age: 45 days- 6 years

Contact: + +971 4 430 6773, +971 56 2969166, enquiry@kidskingdom.ae. 

Socials: Facebook, Instagram.

Kids Kingdom Learning Centre IMPZ, Centrium Tower 1, International Media Production Zone.

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Baby Sensory

Image Credit: Baby Sensory

Over the past 13 years, Baby Sensory has been a magical place where learning begins, adventures happen, and science becomes a lifelong passion! Their secret to success? An unwavering commitment to providing only the best programs and handpicking a team of professionals who embody the highest standards of quality. Currently, Baby Sensory provides Baby Sensory, Toddler Sense and Mini Professors enriching programmes in Dubai:

  • At Baby Sensory, babies and their parents (or caregivers) embark on a weekly journey of discovery through themed classes designed to boost the little one's development. Each one-hour session, tailored to suit ages from just a few days old to 13 months, is a whirlwind of excitement with over 50 different themes to choose from, including a Beach Party, Rock'n'Roll, Old MacDonald's Farm, and more. Every activity is crafted with the baby's growth in mind and draws on years of educational and scientific research.
  • Get ready for an adventure like no other with Toddler Sense! This developmental program is designed for toddlers aged 13 months and older and invites both parents and toddlers to join in on the fun. Each week, you will experience a new and exciting theme with over 80 lesson plans to choose from, including Looking for Dinosaurs, Firefighters, Pirates, and more. With a focus on imaginative play and learning, Toddler Sense is built on a foundation of research and designed to stimulate brain development, as well as socio-emotional, communication, and motor skills.
  • Unlock a world of scientific wonder with Mini Professors! Children at the ages of 2.5-5.5 are naturally curious, and Mini Professors will answer their questions with hands-on experiments and activities. Based on the UK science curriculum, each week of this program is filled with exciting new topics in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, and Math. The highly interactive classes foster valuable skills like problem-solving, sharing, and communication, all while introducing scientific concepts and terminology in an easy-to-follow manner. From exploring Dinosaurs to discovering Volcanoes, Mini Professors offers over 80 unique lesson plans that will keep children eager to learn more.

Join Baby Sensory for a learning journey filled with sensory play, movement, music, unique learning activities, and more.

Age: 0+

Booking details: 055 112 6895

Email: booking@babysensory.ae

Socials: Facebook, Instagram

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PlayMatters Dubai

Image Credit: PlayMatters Dubai

PlayMatters Dubai is the first company in UAE to organize parent-baby activities according to the PEKiP program. PEKiP is the abbreviation for Prager Eltern Kind Program ("Prague Parent-Child Program") which was developed in Germany in the 1970s. This parent-baby program is widely regarded as the most reliable technology for conducting groups for babies and their parents across the German-speaking countries of Europe.

At PlayMatters Dubai, new parents get ten weekly 90-minute sessions during which their little ones will be engaged in age-appropriate activities. Each group includes 4-6 families with babies of the same age (2 months of difference max) and the participants do not change during the course.

A certified group leader will offer different parent-child and child-child activities, provide necessary materials, and give useful tips. Each family will get individual attention. And the offered activities are not just for entertainment! These games improve parent-child bonding, encourage cognitive and physical development, and help to express a baby’s personality.

Children learn, have fun, and interact with each other and parents in a safe, light, cozy, and calm environment. It is a great place to create perfect memories together with your little one and to find friends for years to come!

Fees: 1200 AED for 10 meetings

Age: 4 weeks to 15 months, groups up to 8 babies

Contact details: info@playmattersdubai.ae or find PlayMatters on Facebook and Instagram

Location: Dubai Marina

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Katie Jane Dubai 

Image Credit: Katie Jane Dubai

Katie Jane Dubai is all about play. Their unique child led classes focus on the caregiver-child connection and child development through play based learning. It is the only company in Dubai that is licensed to teach Baby Sign Language and run a franchise of the UK-based company, the Little Signers Club. They have just launched Music Together in the region, a worldwide music program for babies & toddlers. There are different types of classes for each age group. They run the same group of children for the term which helps the children in developing social skills and the parents to form deeper connections with other parents in class.

Baby Sign Language classes

Age group: 3 months to 14 months.

The Baby Sign Language class helps new parents to enrich the parent-child connection and boost the language development of a child. With help of signs, songs, rhymes, and stories parents learn to communicate with their babies. It is an easy way to get rid of unexpected tantrums and tears, improve communication, and is also beneficial in multilingual homes. This parent focused class also covers topics like weaning and sleep, and creates a supportive space for mums with newborns to connect.

Music Together 

Age group: newborn to 9 months and 10 months to 4 years.

Music Together classes are based on the recognition that all children are musical.

All children can learn to sing in tune, keep a beat, and participate with confidence in the music of our culture, provided that their early environment supports such learning. By emphasizing actual music experiences rather than concepts about music, Music Together introduces children to the pleasures of making music instead of passively receiving it from YouTube or TV.

Central to the Music Together approach is that young children learn best from the powerful role model of parents/caregivers who are actively making music. The program brings families together by providing a rich musical environment in the classroom and by facilitating family participation in spontaneous musical activity at home within the context of daily life.

Mucky Pups Messy Play

Age group: 6 months to 14 months and 15 months to 3 years.

This class gives free rein to your child’s imagination! Engaging classes where children can make a mess and parents do not have to clean it afterward – what’s not to love? The messy play stations are created each week by Shona, Chief Play Officer, to kindle every child’s curiosity, supporting different play schemas so there is something for every child to discover in each station. Mucky pups messy play is the original messy play class in Dubai, running since 2016. The messy play activities are the perfect way to improve fine and gross motor skills, boost creativity, learn independent play skills and social skills.

Busy Bees Outdoor play class 

Age group: 8 months to 19 months and 20 months – 4 years;

Busy bees is an outdoor play class that allows children and their parents to reconnect with nature. In a world full of digital screens, we spend time under the trees discovering the beauty of being outdoors with lots of songs, stories, nature activities, and crafts. This class is beneficial for both parents and children, as here you get a chance to disconnect from the online world and ground yourself in nature together with your child. This class particularly focuses on gross motor development, social skills and self regulation. Parents are shown techniques to manage risky play and how to engage your child with outdoor activities.

Age: 0 - 4 years

Timing: Most classes are 60 mins with some baby classes 45 mins. 

Contact: +971 58 577 0999; hello@katiejanedubai.com 

Fees: 126 AED per class or 630 AED for a 6-class term. 

Socials: Instagram, Facebook.


  • Kids HQ - Umm Suqueim Road;
  • Al Barari Playground - Al Barari;
  • Playtorium - Meadows Village;
  • Nakheel Mall - Palm Jumeirah;
  • Times Square Mall– Al Quoz;
  • JLT Park– Jumeirah Lakes Towers. 

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Bloom Baby Classes Dubai

Image Credit: Bloom Baby Classes Dubai

These classes were launched by a mother of three in 2017 and today it is a multi-award-winning company with offices in the UK, USA, and UAE. The experts of the company know the importance of the early few months of a baby’s development and present well-thought-out classes for babies from newborns to 14 months.

Every session of the classes is theme-based, so it will be interesting to both parents and babies. And, do not forget about the necessity and benefits of social communications (with all COVID precautions) for the visitors of Bloom Baby Classes of all ages!

  • Caterpillar Club

Age group: 6 weeks – 6 months;

Your little bundle of joy will love these classes! It is a great baby development and massage class that focuses on the improvement of the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development. And what can be better than a calming massage for a long nap? It is a great bonding time that you can dedicate to your little one without unavoidable distractions that wait for you at home. True quality time!

  • Busy Bees

Age group: 6 months – 14 months;

These enriching sessions offer a wide range of activities for curious toddlers. Bright props, heuristic treasure baskets, music – no wonder that kids adore these classes! It is a great combination to boost imagination, hand/eye coordination, and confidence in your little one.

Contact details: riette@bloombabies.com or Instagram 

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