English for kids and teens

Being confident in English can give your child an early advantage at school and give them a great head start in making the most of the education, qualification and career opportunities that lie in front of them!


The courses have been specifically designed around the unique way children learn and are taught by experienced teachers who are passionate about the English language and experts in teaching children. All delivered in a safe and secure environment. By encouraging children to talk, play and interact with each other in a natural and enjoyable way, The British Council UAE helps them practise their speaking, listening, reading and writing without feeling they’re being taught. All supported by the world’s most comprehensive collection of online learning resources for children. Explore the unrivalled range of courses and support available from the world’s English experts to help your child get the best possible start in life.


  •  Beginner
  •  Elementary
  •  Pre-Intermediate
  •  Intermediate
  •  Upper-Intermediate
  •  Advanced


  • Courses for kids (6-11 years). Levels: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate. Course Format: 36 hours (once a week).
  • Summer school for kids. Level: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate. Course Format: Summer School - 42.5 hours (17 day course). Summer School Plus - 68 hours (17 day course).
  • Advanced English for kids. Levels: Advanced. Course Format: 36 hours (once a week).
  • Courses for teens (12-17 years). Level: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate. Course Format: 36 hours (once a week) - 44 hours (twice a week)
  • IELTS preparation for teens. Levels: Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate. Course Format: 36 hours (once a week).
  • Summer school for teens. Level: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate. Course Format: Summer School - 42.5 hours (17 day course). Summer School Plus - 68 hours (17 day course).

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Mon–Thu 08:30–15:45, Sat 09:00–16:00, Sun 08:30–15:45.




Courses for kids (6-11 years): 3150 AED
Summer school for kids: 2900 AED
Advanced English for kids: 3150 AED
Courses for teens (12-17 years) from: 3150 AED
IELTS preparation for teens: 3400 AED
Summer school for teens: 2900 AED

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