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British Orchard Nursery

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British Orchard Nursery is the Middle East’s largest nursery chain and is the first nursery chain to be ISO certified for quality, environment, and health and safety. BON has been awarded 11 international and 10 international awards including the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award, the Dubai Human Development Appreciation Award, and the Dubai Quality Appreciation award for its dedication to providing quality services and business excellence. The nursery chain operates all over the UAE with 15 convenient locations in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai, including prestigious government partnerships with DEWA, Municipality, ADCO, and Dubai Women’s College.

BON offers a nurturing environment and excellent Early Years Foundation education in 16 locations in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai.

BON follows the British National Early Years Curriculum guidelines, focusing on developing Early Years Education through an in-depth unique planning programme, which offers personal assessment for every child and is measured termly ensuring that their needs are met.

Additionally, BON offers a variety of fun extracurricular activities including:

  • ballet
  • music
  • karate
  • soccer.

BON Facilities Include:

  •   Specialized children's gym
  •   Sensory room
  •   Roleplay room
  •   Outdoor play area
  •   Water play area
  •   Construction area
  •   Library with smartboards
  •   Music room
  •   Garden area
  •   Sandpit
  •   Road track
  •   Picnic area
  •   And painting area

The aim is to provide each child with well-thought-out opportunities to develop his/her potential within a nurturing and safe environment. BON does this through positive reinforcement and modelling. This contributes to a curriculum which fosters a sense of awe and wonder, inspiring children to start their learning journey with a strong sense that learning is a life-long enjoyable endeavour.


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