Cambridge Medical Centre

Cambridge Medical Centre

Does your child have trouble with any of the below?

  • Having trouble focussing?
  • Teachers noticed that they are easily distracted?
  • Daily homework hassles?
  • Does your child need to hear directions more than once?
  • Has your child been labelled lazy or defiant?
  • Does your child often daydream?

All of the above are the byproduct of poor attention. Attention is one of the core cognitive skills which underpins all learning. Impairment in this skill ends up making learing and life in general, harder than it needs to be. 

Imagine what your child could achieve within good attention skills? BrainRX is a unique program which can dramtically enhance learning ability - for both struggling and advanced students. 

Call us now on 04 554 32 45 to book an appointment.  Let's make learning fun again!


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