Free Online Coding Lesson

Free Online Coding Lesson

Coding Camp is a remote, block-based coding class for both beginners and experts in Scratch coding.


This remote coding class was created and is run by an IB experienced, Irish Design teacher who is based in the UAE. This class is perfect for students aged 7-13 who attend IB and British curriculum schools who may or may not be familiar with coding. Each class is 90 minutes in length and creates projects that teach skills that students wouldn’t have access to in a school curriculum. Students will be excitedly challenged in every Coding Camp lesson.

Classes are full of teacher interaction, collaboration, sharing of projects, and videos that students can view anytime during the week. Most importantly, all of this is packed into mini-projects full of fun. Students will be led through the basics to become a more advanced coder, helping them succeed further in their coding studies at school. 


Coding Camp runs a free lesson every Saturday at 1:00 pm for newcomers.


For bookings:

  • Whatsapp +971585408437
  • BOOK directly via the link


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Sat 13:00.