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Checkmate by co|laboratory

Checkmate by co|laboratory

We have worked so hard on this piece for the past four months and it's all starting to come together as we head into the last three weeks before our performance on the main stage at The Theatre, Mall of the Emirates as part of the inaugural Theme 8 Festival!

Checkmate follows the story of eight unique chess pieces who have started to question the rules and regulations of a game which controls their lives - from the limitarions of their permitted moves to the files and ranks they are commanded to occupy.
We experience the inner monologues exposing the true feelings of a set of characters who are trapped and in major need of a better way to play the game! Interspersed with well—known and not-so-well-known quotes and moments from Alice in Wonderland, we're inviting our audience to join us through the looking glass in the first weekend of October.

Tickets are on sale right now - make sure you book for the Saturday, 3.30pm, Main Stage show at the festival! We'll be the ones in black and white with just a splash of red. 

Date: 2 October

Time: 3.30 pm


Image Credit: Colab Enterprise



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The Theatre, Mall of the Emirates